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Wills to marry his Kate in 2012   "PRINCE William will end the marathon wait for Kate Middleton - by making her his bride in 2012 just before the London Olympics ...tthey will marry in the spring - just ahead of his 30th birthday in June.
The couple want their big day around the time when the world's spotlight is on London - for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June and the Games which start July 27 ..." (site accessed Sep 2010)

Bank of England Interest Rates to Reach 8% by 2012   "Bank of England policy makers will raise the benchmark interest rate to about 8 percent in 2012 to combat surging inflation sparked by “explosive” economic growth, Policy Exchange Chief Economist Andrew Lilico said ..." (site accessed Aug 2010)

Piped gas from Russia to boost Britain's supplies from 2012  "Britain is to start piping gas directly from Russia for the first time in 2012, according to the chief executive of Nord Stream, the Kremlin-backed gas pipeline venture. In an interview with The Times in Switzerland, Matthias Warnig said that more than 4 billion cubic metres of gas a year had already been booked for the UK market through the pipeline, which is due to enter service by the end of 2012. That is equivalent to more than 4 per cent of total UK gas demand of about 94 billion cubic metres per year ..." (site accessed Nov 09)

Unemployment could peak at 4m in 2012   "Unemployment in Britain will continue to rise for at least another three years, according to a leading economic consultancy, as official figures out next week are expected to show another large jump in the number of jobless. At its latest economic forum ... Fathom predicted that unemployment on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) measure, which includes those seeking work but not claiming benefits, would peak at 4 million in 2012 ..." (site accessed May 2009)

UK will not recover till 2012   "The UK economy could decline for another year and take a further two years to recover, according to a respected think tank.
A National Institute of Economic and Social Research study says the current economic decline is "very similar" to the slowdown at the start of the 1980s ..." (site accessed April 09)
See also: UK to remain in deflation trap until 2012   " ... while many assume the combination of near-zero interest rates and a heavily-devalued pound will help prevent falling prices from becoming entrenched, and may stoke inflation, the BNP Paribas economists said they expected deflation to persist all the way until 2012 ..." (site accessed Mar 09)

Digital Britain: Broadband in every house by 2012   "Every household in Britain should be guaranteed access to broadband by 2012, probably at a speed of 2Mb per second, the government said today in its Digital Britain report ..." (site accessed Jan 2009)

One in six adults to be on the DNA database by 2012   " ... The DNA database currently has 4.1million profiles on it, with 15,000 profiles being added every week. Ministers have declined to set any target for the database, the biggest of its kind in the world per head of population. But a senior scientist from the Forensic Science Service said the Home Office would like it to be the same size as the national fingerprint database, which has more than 7.3million prints ..." (site accessed Nov 2008)

Food and grocery forecasts   " ... Despite the harsher economic conditions we forecast for the next five years, we anticipate food & grocery expenditure will hold up well ...
- We expect average annual retail price inflation over the next five years of 2.7%. ... Higher levels of wholesale food price inflation will be at the core of this growth.
- Grocers will account for all of the sector’s growth. We forecast grocers’ sales to grow by over 26% between 2007 and 2012. This will increase grocers' share of total retail spending to 41.6% in 2012. (site accessed June 2008)

Free swimming for all by 2012   "England's swimming pools will have free admission by 2012 in an effort to get more people involved in sports before the Olympic Games, the government will announce Friday. People aged over 60 will be the first group to be given free admission to public pools as part of the 80 million pound initiative. The scheme will then be extended to anyone aged under 16, before the abolition of admission charges by 2012 ..." (site accessed June 2008)

Manchester United: Alex Ferguson will retire before 2012   "Old Trafford boss Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed he will quit Manchester United in the next three years. He has been loath to set a date for his departure after reneging on his original plan to retire six years ago. But in the wake of United's Champions League final victory, he told the Mail on Sunday: "I won't be managing here any more than three years at the very, very most. I can assure you of that." ..." (site accessed May 08)

They'll finally finish painting the Firth Bridge in 2012   " ... restoration work has been ongoing since 2002 but, due to years of under-investment during the 70s and 80s,
the scale of the job was initially unclear. Only now are we in the position to name a completion date of 2012."
Network Rail and Balfour Beatty said the project would "mark the end of a modern myth". So much time has been spent painting the structure, the saying "like painting the Forth Bridge" has become synonymous with any task which takes so long that, by the time it is completed, it is time to start again ... (site accessed Feb 08)

National ID scheme delayed until 2012   "The Government's national identity card scheme was "in the intensive care ward" after leaked documents showed plans to issue UK citizens with the cards have been delayed until after the next election. Amid growing doubts that the multibillion pound scheme will ever see the light of day, a confidential Home Office report suggests that the widespread introduction of cards for British nationals will not come until 2012 at the earliest ..." (site accessed Jan 08)

Your finances in 2012  2012 is constantly being touted as a time of opportunity. If we believe what we hear, the UK will be a prosperous country, thanks to the influx of investment on the back of the Olympic Games. But here at we’re wondering if this really is the case, or if the Government’s just banking on it to get out of trouble. We’ve taken a close look at five of the biggest economic trends and, with the expertise of Head of Personal Finance David Kuo, formulated five predictions about life and money in 2012. Each week we’ll take a different issue, … and of course, we’ll also tell you what we think you can do to keep your finances firmly in the black. free downloadable pdf. (site accessed Jan 2008)

Tate Modern - £215m for a new ziggurat  
" ... The new building is a futuristic, higgledy-piggledy glass structure that features huge blocks protruding from a ziggurat which the Tate’s director, Sir Nicholas Serota, believes will become a “spectacular” landmark for the city ... With its completion planned for 2012, in time for the Olympics, the initial design divided expert opinion ..." (site accessed Dec 2007)

1 million more immigrants by 2012   " ... Tables hidden in this year's government spending review reveal plans to allow immigration to grow by almost 200,000 A YEAR between now and 2012. The planned influx of 190,000 is the same as an extra CITY the size of YORK every year, needing 260 new homes to be built every DAY ... " newsof (site accessed Oct 2007)

Average house price £300,000 by 2012   "The average cost of a house in England will break through the £300,000 mark in the next five years, research suggests.
The National Housing Federation (NHF) warned prices were now almost 11 times the average wage and may rise by 40% as supplies fall further behind demand ..." (site accessed Aug 2007)

London Skyline in 2012   Artist's impression
See also: List of tallest buildings and structures in London (site accessed Aug 2007)

Manchester and Birmingham to trial road-charging by 2012   " ... Representatives of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities have told MPs that a road pricingscheme on the tag-and-beacon model could be ready to begin in the third quarter of 2012. Meanwhile, West Midlands officials have told the House of Commons Transport Committee that a similar scheme could be ready to go in the same timeframe ... " (site accessed May 2007)

Marks & Spencer will become carbon neutral by 2012
"M&S will change beyond recognition the way it operates over the next five years. We will become carbon neutral, only using offsetting as a last resort; we will ensure that none of our clothing or packaging needs to be thrown away; much of our polyester clothing will be made from recycled plastic bottles instead of oil and every year we will sell over 20 milliongarments made from Fairtrade cotton...." (site accessed Jan 2007)

Final salary pension schemes 'to be history by 2012'   "The majority of Britain's 100 biggest companies will shut their final salary pension schemes to existing workers as well as new members within six years, a report published today predicts." The Guardian(site accessed August 2006)

Women bishops by 2012 in Church of England   "Although women have been ordained as priests since 1994, they remained barred from the higher office. Now they could be ordained as early as 2012 after the General Synod voted by 288 to 119 that the concept of women bishops was 'theologically justified'." The Independent(siteaccessed July 2006)

Pension pledge will be delivered   "John Hutton, Work and Pensions secretary, has denied that a Gordon Brown premiership would see a key pensions pledge reneged upon. Last month, the government said the link between increases in the state pension and earnings would be restored in the next parliament. But it added that the promise would be subject to an affordability test. Mr Hutton told the Department for Work and Pensions Select Committee: 'Get real, this policy will be delivered.'" BBC News (siteaccessed June 2006)

Scotland has a mission to end homelessness by 2012  BBC News (site accessedMarch 2006)Two-thirds of UK TVs still analogue by 2012  says TV research company,ContinentalResesarch. i.d.TV (site accessed April 2006) Article no longer accessible

Ofcom is now predicting 100% digital TV penetration by 2012
(across all platforms - satellite, cable and terrestrial). i.d.TV (site accessed March 2006) 
Article no longeraccessible


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