Spoofs and satires

F.K.Baganoff et al.

2012: Apocalypse insurance   "Why worry about all the different things that may happen on December 21st, 2012? Sure, the world might end! There have been numerous predictions that say it will! But the 2012 Apocalypse Insurance Company is here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve as the clock ticks down to what could be earth's final day! ...." (site accessed Apr 2010)

2012 in a nutshell   Cartoon. nerdnirvana.org (site accessed Feb 2010)

Choose your 2012 End of World game   "Play Choose Your 2012 End of The World game and decide whether or not Nostradamus or any of the other world ending prophecys will come true. Choose a country to let loose your godly fury on how the earth should end. Unlock more powers and gain achievements." izismile.com (site accessed May 2009)

The world wnds in 2012   Not a typing error on my part. That's what it says on the site. Brief cartoon video about the end of the world. www.guzer.com

Geddon Gear - The official sponsor of the 2012 apocalypse   At Geddon Gear, we believe that the end of the world does not mean you should abandon all hope. Geddon Gear will be the only store prepared to provide you with quality post appocaleptic gear to help you cope and defend yourself from certain death...and aliens.

Geddon Gear plans to open store fronts globally to help assist you in a post apocalyptic world. Unfortunately, we need your help. As much as we would like to open these stores and fleece you of your hard earned money we first need to solicit your input. geddongear.com (site accessed Feb 2009)

November 2012: A dystopian dream "It is November 7 2012. At three in the morning, an exhausted-looking President Barack Obama appears before weeping supporters in the ballroom of the Chicago Hilton and concedes defeat. The euphoria of his victory-night speech in Grant Park four years earlier is a distant memory. The Obama administration has been overwhelmed by America’s economic problems. Sarah Palin is the new president of the US ..." gideon rachman, ft.com (site accessed Feb 2009)

Bearman Cartoon: 2012 and the End of Days AGAIN   Asks if this is the first cartoon to poke fun at 2012. bearmancartoons.wordpress.com (site accessed Jan 2009)

Obama 2012: Four Years Later    "It's hard to believe that just four years ago, some were talking about Barack Obama as a national savior, a secular redeemer, a "light worker." Even more shocking, President Obama lost the nomination of his own party to none other than Hillary Clinton. How did we get here? There are no shortage of recriminatory theories for President Obama's precipitous fall from would-be messiah, to near pariah ..." nypost.com (site accessed Nov 08)

An interview with McCain and Obama in 2012   "President John McCain has refused to give interviews or meet with the press throughout his entire term as president. Until now. Since Cracked.com is now the only reliable source of news in America, and since I am Cracked’s Senior Political Correspondent, President McCain has been kind enough to sit down with me for this very rare interview. I enter the Oval Office, and he is already waiting for me. He looks about 50 years older than he did when he took office and a thousand times more tired ... President Barack Obama goes on television to address the nation, on average, six times a day. While President Obama is certainly visible to the point of aggravation, he’s (shockingly) given very few interviews. Since Cracked.com is now the only reliable source of news in America, and since I am Cracked’s Senior Political Correspondent, President Obama has been kind enough to skip his post-Brunch State of the Union address to sit down with me for this very rare interview. I enter the Oval Office, and he is seated while an artist diligently paints his portrait ..." interviews follow these alternative introductions. cracked.com (site accessed Oct 2008)

NASA: Sun will burn out in 2012   " ... even though the new findings are grim, Groverfield insisted the news wasn’t all bad. “The upside to losing the sun is that we no longer need to worry about global warming,” he pointed out. “In fact, it might be prudent now to start increasing greenhouse gas emissions.” Former vice president and climate change kingpin Al Gore denounced NASA’s findings, and said that a solution for the global warming problem that doesn’t involve a carbon tax is irresponsible ..." sirsatire.wordpress.com (site accessed Sep 2008)

The New Age Party of 2012   "One can envision a New Age Party, a fascistic, sparkling ooze of white lighties, taking over the world. Led by sorts like Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer, they lobotomize anyone whom they deem as having egos, or send them to "re-education" camps, where the victims are slotted away into lightless cubicles where, like Room 23 in "Lost," they are force-fed a continual stream of Celine Dion, images of lakes at sunset, yoga poses, Gandhi and Rumi quotes, lectures on "enactivism" by Ken Wilber, and, between electro-shocks to their gonads, a looped recording of the mindless "Questions and Reflections" found on Gaia.com. thepiertoforever.blogspot.com (site accessed Sep 08)

Rudy's Brilliant Strategy: The Race for 2012, When Time Ends   "I'm disappointed that Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the GOP race. But after intensely gazing at my navel for hours on end, I realized he has in fact run a brilliant, long-term campaign geared NOT for 2008 but for 2012. Rudy, I am firmly convinced, is positioning himself to be the president-elect on The Day That Time Ends. Surely you've heard of it? ..." keshertalk.com (site accessed Feb 08)

2012: Penguins world domination   " ... Unfortunally , we were unable to get more info about this weird story. The only pieces we got are "penguin, domination, 2012" ... Jeremy Courtyard, g-modders.com (site accessed Jan 08)

Dispatch from 2012   "Good-evening from FXSF News. We have a ground-breaking report tonight from Future Correspondent Samantha Oh, who has time-traveled to the year 2012 to report exclusively to us on the next presidential race. Sam, hello, can you hear me? ..." Carla Norton, whirledview.typepad.com (site accessed Jan 2008)

2012 Olympics may be cancelled after European Commission legal challenge   " The London Olympics scheduled for 2012 may have to be cancelled if the European Commission is successful in the legal challenge it is bringing against the UK government ..." Everyman, thespoof.com (site accessed Jan 2008)