Russia: Politics, Social and Economics

F.K.Baganoff et al.

Russia to have nuclear spacecraft by 2012   " ... The head of Russia's Federal Space Agency said Sunday nuclear engine-powered spacecraft would be finalized by 2012. Anatoly Perminov said financing for the space program in the next nine years would require at least $580 million, RIA Novosti reported. Perminov previously had said development of Megawatt-class nuclear space power systems for cosmonaut-manned spacecraft would be crucial if Russia is to maintain its competitive edge in the world's space theater, including exploration of Mars and the moon, the newspaper said ..." (site accessed Dec 09)

Russia to build eight technoparks by 2012   "... the Russian government approved a program to create technoparks, which will incorporate high-tech enterprises in such sectors as nano-, bio-, information and other kinds of technology, as well as scientific research organizations, educational institutions providing staff for such enterprises, and other related ventures ... (site accessed Feb 2008)

Russia confirms pledge to destroy all chemical weapons by 2012   " Russia will fulfill its obligations under an international agreement to destroy all its chemical weapon stockpiles by 2012, a senior defense official said Thursday. Russia signed the Chemical Weapons Convention on January 13, 1993 and ratified it on November 5, 1997. The country declared an arsenal of 40,000 metric tons of chemical weapons in 1997, and has so far destroyed 8,000 tons ..." (site accessed Aug 2007)

Putin to return in 2012?
  "A senior ally of Vladimir Putin has said his party would be ready to nominate Mr Putin for the Russian presidency in 2012, fuelling speculation that the Russian leader could return four years after an interim candidate is elected next year ..." (site accessed Aug 2007)
See also: Russian party to nominate Putin in 2012 (site accessed Aug 2007)

300,000 ethnic Russians to return to Russia before 2012   
" ... A total of 55 Russian regions have expressed their desire to participate in the voluntary immigration program for ethnic Russians living abroad. In 2007, the program will be launched in 12 pilot regions, with the Kaliningrad region being the first among them ... " (site accessed Aug 2007)

Russia's new Black Sea base complete by 2012   
" ... The construction of a new base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the port of Novorossiisk will be completed by 2012, the Navy Commander said Wednesday ... " (site accessed July 2007)

Russian mobile phone market to be worth $34 bln by 2012
"The Russian mobile phone market could grow 132% by value to $34.1 billion in 2012 from $14.7 billion in 2006, according to an estimate by Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) (RTS: MTSS).
The market will grow by an average of 15% per year during this period, MTS President Leonid Melamed said ... " (site accessed June 2007)

High speed trains to appear in Russia by 2012-14   
"...The Head of Russian Railways claims that high-speed railways will appear in Russia by 2012-2014 and marks that the first trains moving at more than 300km per hour speed are planned to be introduced on the route Moscow-St. Petersburg..." (site accessed Feb 2007)

Russian gas supplies to South Korea may begin in 2012   
Russian natural gas supplies to South Korea may begin in 2012 or 2013, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told reporters in Seoul today. Russia expected to sell about 10 billion cubic meters a year, Miller said. The project envisages the signing of a long-term contract for more than 30 years, and the size of the supplies could be increased in future.

The intergovernmental agreements on gas cooperation give a green light to commercial negotiations between Gazprom and the Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS). "We have immediately begun talks on gas supplies from Russia to South Korea," Miller stressed. He said different gas pipeline routes were being considered. There are two options - a sea route or a land route. The value of the land route is estimated at almost $2 billion, according to Miller. (site accessed October 2006)


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