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2012 Olympic Games

Abu Dhabi
Louvre Abu Dhabi museum set to open in 2012   
The governments of Abu Dhabi and the Republic of France today signed an unprecedented 30-year cultural accord for the creation of a 24,000 sq m Louvre Abu Dhabi museum that is expected to open in 2012 within the Cultural District of Saadiyat Island - lying just 500 metres from Abu Dhabi city. ArabianBusiness.com (site accessed Mar 2007)

2012 earliest end to Afghan commitment  
"International soldiers will be needed in Afghanistan until at least 2012, but troop levels could start dropping by then, the commander of coalition forces here said Wednesday ..." canada.com (site accessed Mar 2008)

U.S. to donate 186 aircraft to Afghanistan by 2012   "The United States will provide six helicopter gunships to Afghanistan's fledgling air force in August this year, part of a plan to supply 186 aircraft to the country, the head of the Afghan air force said on Thursday. The shipments, which will come in several batches to be completed by 2012, do not include jet fighters for the country where U.S. soldiers form the bulk of NATO and coalition troops in the fight against Taliban insurgents ... " washingtonpost.com (site accessed Jul 2007)

Algeria to clear all anti-personnel mines on its territory by 2012   
" ...all anti-personnel mines, planted during the Algerian independence war (1954-196) by the French colonial soldiery, would be cleared altogether by the year 2012 ... The number of fatalities from mine explosions recorded in the province of Tlemcen alone is estimated at 330 ..." ech-chorouk.com (site accesssed Dec 2007)

Emission-free power stations by 2012, researcher says  
"A leading Australian energy research group says the idea that Australia could have zero-emission coal-fired power plants is no longer fanciful.
The chief executive officer of the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies, Peter Cook, says developing emission-free power stations is a relatively simple process involving splitting carbon and hydrogen in coal.

Mr Cook says he is helping researchers in the United States to develop the process, which could be duplicated in Australia. "We're involved in a project called Future-Gen which is why I'm over here in the States at the moment," he said.

"This is a billion-dollar project that the US is putting together, they're going to be using coal and they're going to be producing hydrogen from the coal, then they're going to use that hydrogen for powering generators and then they'll put the CO2 in the ground, and that's due to come on stream by 2012," he said. ABC NewsOnline (site accessed June 2006)

Australia faces a shortfall of locally refined petrol by 2012
The Age (site accessed March 2006)

Australia will switch to digital TV in 2012

"In 2012, when the government of the day considers switching off the analog broadcasting signal to start the era of digital broadcasting properly, will it ignore the interests of the many Australian households that don't have a digital receiver, or will it again defer the future?" The Age (site accessed March 2006)

Power crisis to be solved by 2012   
Financial Express (site accessed October 2006)

Bulgaria to introduce euro 2011-12   
focus-fen.net (site accessed Feb 2007)

First block of nuclear power plant should be ready by 2012    "The reactors with which Belene Nuclear Power Plant will be built are more modern, with higher safety level, with more passive systems and with a 60-year exploitation period. This is what Milko Kovachev – Bulgaria’s former Energy and Economy Minister - told Darik Radio.
As far as I know these reactors are being checked under EU domestic voluntary safety standards, Mr. Kovachev said ....With regard to the construction of Belene NPP and the terms in which this will happen the former minister said that there are actual technological deadlines and that the First block of the nuclear plant should be ready by 2012." Focus News (site accessed November 2006)

Ontario and Ottawa to phase out incandescent light bulbs by 2012  "Natural Resources Canada has estimated that if every one of the country's 12 million households changed just one incandescent bulb for a compact fluorescent, that would result in a $73 million savings on our collective electricity bills as well as a corresponding 397,000 tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking 66,000 cars off the road." cbc.ca (site accessed May 2007)

First gas should flow through Mackenzie pipeline by 2012   "... “Protecting the land is a top priority,” he (Fred Carmichael) said. “We also have a responsibility to develop an economic base for our children and grandchildren. I lived in a tent as a teenager. I know what it is like to chop wood and haul it by dog team. My grandchildren will never make their living from the land. That part of our world has changed forever. That's why I am determined to take advantage of the economic opportunities that controlled, responsible resource development will bring....” Alaska Journal of Commerce (site accessed Jan 2007)

Quebec: Obesity reduced by 2% by 2012 "Jean Charest's government is teaming up with a private foundation to help Quebecers develop healthier lifestyles and lower their obesity levels ... Quebec already spends $56 million a year to help people who are overweight or obese." cbc.ca (site accessed October 2006)

Inukjuak aims to be diesel-free by 2012 "Within five years, the community of Inukjuak will use its water and wind to produce heat and light and end its dependence on diesel fuel to generate electrical power." Nunatisaiq News (site accessed March 2006) Article no longer accessible

China to have world's fastest train by 2012   
"Trains on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railroad under construction will run at 350 km per hour, the fastest in the world ..." xinhuanet.com (site accessed Mar 2009)

China expects $1.5 billion for climate fund by 2012   "China expects to raise $1.5 billion by 2012 from a levy on sales of carbon credits, which it will channel into a government fund to raise awareness of climate change and cut emissions, the head of the fund said. ..." uk.reuters.com (site accessed Dec 2007)

US flights to China will double by 2012   "Daily passenger flights between the United States and China will more than double by 2012 and air cargo companies will have virtually unlimited access to China as part of an aviation agreement announced Wednesday ... " cbsnews.com (site accessed May 2007)
See also: China will lead the world in jet fuel demand growth through 2012 aviationweek.com (site accessed July 2007)

PepsiCo will double China workforce by 2012   "PepsiCo Inc., the world's second-biggest soft-drinks company, plans to double its workforce in China over the next five years as it fights for a larger slice of the growing market, chief executive Indra Nooyi, right, said yesterday in Beijing.... " The Toronto Star (site accessed Apr 2007)

China's largest steel producer expects to double its production by 2012  
"Baosteel Group, the country's largest steel maker, expects to nearly double its crude steel production to 50 million tonnes a year by 2012, according to a speech by a Baosteel executive to be delivered on Tuesday." China Daily (site accessed October 2006)
See also: China will account for 60% of global steel growth to 2012   Forbes.com (site accessed Mar 2007)

China will become a net importer of corn by 2012   
as demand exceeds domestic supply and stockpiles fall, while prices could rise 30 percent in a decade. Bloomberg.com (site accessed April 2006)

Batista’s OGX May Start Colombia Oil Output in 2012   "OGX Petroleo & Gas Participacoes SA, the oil company controlled by Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista, may begin producing crude in Colombia in 2012 as government efforts to reduce guerrilla attacks on pipelines and other infrastructure lure investment ...Batista, the world’s eighth-richest man according to Forbes magazine, is investing in mining and energy projects in Colombia after President Alvaro Uribe used military strikes to weaken rebel forces since taking office in 2002 ..." businessweek.com (site accessed June 2010)
See also: "Colombia's oil exploration and production will ensure it has enough petroleum to maintain self- sufficiency through at least 2012 ..." Bloomberg.com (site accessed Jul 2006)

Czech Republic
CR may reach average EU living standard by 2012-13
Prague Daily Monitor
(site accessed April 2006) Article no longer accessible

Democratic Republic of Congo
Moto Says Congo’s Largest Gold Mine to Start in 2012    "Moto Goldmines Ltd., planning to develop the Democratic Republic of Congo’s largest gold mine, said the deposit will start operating in 2012. The project, in the country’s northeast Kilo-Moto region, will yield 400,000 ounces of gold a year ..." bloomberg.com (site accessed Feb 2009)

Dominican Republic
Plan to end blackouts as of 2012   
"The Government presented yesterday the "Electrical Sector Integral Plan", with which it aims at ending blackouts as of year 2012 and to reduce by 46% the electrical tariff applying changes to the electrical system throughout the next six years .... In order to accomplish this, the Government will have to transform the present generation system so its not petroleum dependant. This is going to require numerous foreign investments of amounts that were not disclosed, the construction of two coal fired generating plants, the conversion of five electrical power generating units to gas turbine and not increasing the cost of hydroelectric generated electricity." Dominicantoday.com (site accessed Sep 2006)

2012 date for world's tallest commercial tower   
"The developer behind plans for the world's tallest commercial building said on Friday it would deliver the project in early 2012. Despite the global economic crisis, the Fortune Group said it would soon announce the construction contract for the 108-storey Burj Al Alam, being developed at the Business Bay, Dubai ..." arabianbusiness.com (site accessed Jan 2009)

Dubai Transformation   
"Fast forward to 2012 and Dubai will be transformed by the many projects that are building sites today. The population will be bigger and the profile more skewed towards white-collar, service workers ... by 2012 the high-rise urban clusters of the more than 100 towers at the Dubai Marina and the high-density Dubai Downtown around the Burj Dubai and huge Dubai Mall will be well established ..." ameinfo.com (site accessed Sep 2007)

East Africa
Single East Africa currency due 2012   
" ... Despite the challenges, governors are optimistic that actualising a monetary union and central bank by 2012 is within reach." newvision.co.ug (site acccessed Feb 2008)

Ethiopia plans attaining 100 percent clean water service coverage by 2012
  "The clean water service coverage of the nation stands at 47.3 percent at present."
sudantribune.com (site accessed Sep 2007)

25% cut in accidents at work
Work-related illness and accidents should be cut by a quarter across the EU by 2012. However, changes in working life are producing new occupational risks and some workplace illnesses are on the rise. Welcomeurope.com (site accessed Feb 2007)

26% more flights in Europe by 2012   Flt Tech Online (site accessed April 2006)

"Gabon's Omar Bongo, said on Monday that after already serving nearly 40 years in power he intended to run for re-election in 2012." Reuters UK (site accessed October 2006)

Georgia and Azerbaijan
Georgia and Azerbaijancould power themselves independently by 2012  
"Natural gas flow from the massive Caspian Sea Shah Deniz field "should be sufficient to satisfy the domestic needs of Azerbaijan and Georgia" from 2012, David Woodward, the CEO of BP in Azerbaijan, told journalists...." Today.AZ (site accessed July 2006)

Hong Kong 
Cruise terminal set for 2012  
 "Secretary for Economic Development & Labour Stephen Ip says the Government will focus on the development of a new cruise terminal at Kai Tak to help Hong Kong become a regional cruise hub. Its first berth is slated to open by 2012." news.gov.hk (site accessed October 2006)

Universal suffrage in 2012    "Chief Executive Donald Tsang says Hong Kong may achieve the ultimate goal of universal suffrage in 2012 or beyond, providing the proposal gets the support of the National People's Congress Standing Committee and two-thirds of lawmakers." News.gov.hk (site accessed July 2006)
See also: Hong Kong democracy fades to beyond 2012  "Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, chief executive of the Territory, yesterday expressed “serious doubts” about the likelihood of introducing universal suffrage in Hong Kong before 2012, because “it is probable that the Legislative Council will not reach the consensus necessary” for the new electoral model ..." AsiaNews.it (site accessed July 2007)
See also: Beijing says democracy possible in HK in 2017  "China ruled out full democracy for Hong Kong in 2012 on Saturday, ignoring the majority opinion in the former British colony, but said it may pick its leader by universal suffrage at the following opportunity, in 2017 ..." africa.reuters.com (site accessed December 2007)
See also: Thousands march in Hongkong against delay in full democracacy   " ... Protesters in Sunday's march demanded that Beijing allow Hong Kong citizens to directly elect their leader and all lawmakers by 2012 ... voanews.com (site accessed Jan 2008)

Iran could have nuclear weapons by 2012, CIA chief warns  
 "Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to produce two nuclear weapons, which it could have prepared and ready for delivery as early as 2012, Leon Panetta, the CIA director, said on Sunday ...Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to produce two nuclear weapons, which it could have prepared and ready for delivery as early as 2012, Leon Panetta, the CIA director, said on Sunday ..." telegraph.co.uk (site accessed Junw 2010)
See also: Iran to build nuclear warheads by 2012    "The Israeli military intelligence service possesses information indicating that Iran will be capable of building the first nuclear warhead by 2012, a high- ranking Israeli military official said ..." istockanalyst.com (site accessed Sept 2008) Article no longer accessible.

Iran to boost fuel output by 50% by 2012  "Iran plans to increase gasoline production capacity by more than 50 percent by 2012, a senior official was quoted as saying, in comments coinciding with talk of possible Western sanctions targeting its fuel imports. Iran, the world's fifth-largest crude oil exporter, lacks sufficient refining capacity to meet its domestic fuel needs and has to import up to 40 percent of its gasoline requirements. The United States and its European allies are exploring ways of targeting fuel imports into Iran if itcontinues to press on with its nuclear programme ..." reuter.com (site accessed Oct 09)
See also: Iran to become Persian Gulf's major refiner by 2012   " ... currently Iran ranks first in making investment in refinery and ranks second in refinery after Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s current refining capacity stands at 2,100,000 barrels a day while the figure for Iran will reach 3,300,000 barrels a day by 2012, he said, noting that this is while the former’s capacity is to hit three million barrels a day by 2015 ..." tehrantimes.com (site accessed Sep 2008)
See also: Iran's oil refining capacity to top 3m b/d by 2012   "Iran's crude oil refining capacity is predicted to reach 3.2 million barrels per day (b/d) from its current 1.7 million barrels by 2012, an Iranian official said." Islamic Republic News Agency (site accessed Nov 2006)
See also: Iran to export petrol from 2012   
"Iran’s economically and politically costly petrol imports should end in 2012 when refinery upgrades will make the nation an exporter of the motor fuel, an energy consultant said. Iran is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, but lacks the refining capacity for domestic needs, forcing it to import large amounts of gasoline and burdening its finances. The imports also make Iran vulnerable to pressure over its nuclear programme ..." gulfinthemedia.com (site accessed Apr 2008)

Iran to produce 50 tons of caviar by 2012   "Iran can produce a total of 50 tons of caviar in five-years through a program based on new technology of farming sturgeon, official says ... Abbassali Motallebi noted that since Iran's caviar reserves decline every year, Iran is trying to establish a gene bank for caviar fish in order to make use of the genetic potential available to prevent extinction of the caviar fish ..." presstv.ir (site accessed Oct 2007)

Iran-Pakistan pipeline in use by 2012   Building of the pipeline, estimated to cost between 7.2 and 7.4 billion will begin in 2008. If things go according to plan, it will start delivering gas in 2012. inform.kz (site accessed May 2007)

Iran to start gas exports to Austria and Switzerland in 2012    “...We have agreed on gas transfer via a pipeline passing through Turkey ...” tehrantimes.com (site accessed Feb 2007)

Iraq dependent on U.S. air power until 2012   
"The U.S. military has determined that Iraq would be unable to protect its air space from regional rivals until at least 2012. As a result, officials said, Baghdad would continue to need U.S. military assistance to support and augment the Iraq Air Force ... " worldtribute.com (site accessed Jul 2007)

British armed forces in Iraq until 2012   
"...A confidential planning document drawn up by defence chiefs called the Operational Tour Plot, parts of which have been disclosed to this newspaper, reveals that troops will be serving on operations in the Gulf until at least 2012 ..." Sunday Telegraph (site accessed Apr 2007)

Women to overtake men by 2012   
" ... WOMEN are poised to take over the majority of top jobs in business, law, finance and the sciences within the next five years. And it's all because they are staying in education longer and getting better results than men. The projections are made in a joint report from FÁS and the Economic and Social Research Institute which looks at the likely share-out of jobs by 2012 ..." independent.ie (site accessed Aug 2007)

2012: Israel's Apocalypse   
" ... Before the year is out, Israel capitulates. It recognizes Palestine, agrees to divide Jerusalem and begins the process of dismantling its nuclear arsenal ..." Mitchell Bard, brittanica.com (site accessed May 2010)

Japan to trial frozen gas output in Pacific in 2012   "Japan plans to start trial drilling in 2012 to extract frozen natural gas buried under the seabed and test if the methane hydrate is a viable next-generation fuel. The government will lead test production of the frozen methane in an ocean trench called the Nankai Trough about 30 miles (50 kilometers) off the coast of the country’s main Honshu Island ..." tehrantimes.com (site accessed Aug 2008)

Plans to produce a substantial volume of natural gas off the west coast of Australia
"Nikkei quoted Japan's natural resources developer Inpex Holdings Inc. as saying with plans to begin producing a substantial volume of natural gas off the west coast of Australia from 2012. The company would export the gas liquefied at local facilities to Japan.
The area extends to about 200km and situated off the west coast of Australia, where the company possess a 100% concession. As early in 2000, the company stumbled upon a gas field there confirming the prevalence a deposit around 280 billion cubic meters. The find equals what Japan consumes as natural gas in four years."
Tradingmarkets.com (site accessed Apr 2006) Article no longer accessible

Largest uranium producer by 2012   "
By 2012 Kazakhstan will become the largest uranium producer worldwide, Kazakh Premier Daniyal Akhmetov has stated at the meeting with CIS ministers of home affairs.
The main players at this market will meet with heavy deficit by 2015. Kazakhstan will produce uranium above all the countries in the world. Thereat we have other constituents of uranium industry development. We are actively working with other countries of the world and in the nearest future this trend of economy will become one of the dominants, Daniyal Akhmetov said." Inform.kz (site accessed October 2006)

Kazakhstan will have three big oil refineries by 2012
Gazeta.kz (site accessed March 2006)

Various predictions
Blog site with predictions from a number of contributors about the political and social future of Kenya. mashada.com/forums/kenya (site accessed August 2008)

Kenya targets 3 million tourist by 2012   
"Nairobi (Kenya) Kenya is targeting more than 3 million foreign tourists by 2012 from last year’s 800,000 tourists, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife permanent secretary Rebecca Nabutola said on Friday.Speaking in Nairobi, she said the government will invest heavily in unexploited tourist destinations in the country to increase Kenya’s competitiveness in tourism ..." afriquenline.fr (site accessed Aug 2007)

A power station on Borneo island will be linked to the mainland using undersea cables by 2012   
"Lim Keng Yaik, energy minister set the date, adding it will take at least five years to install about 700 kilometres (438 miles) of transmission lines and to lay 670 kilometres of undersea cables from Bakun to the southern Johor state .... The dam, which involves flooding an area the size of Singapore, has attracted fierce criticism because of its harmful impact on the environment and the fact that 10,000 residents have already had to evacuate the project site." The Malaysian blogspot (site accessed Jan 2007)

" ... Beginning sometime between November, 2008, and January, 2009, a new Sony film is going to be shot in Yucatan. The topic will be contemporary Mayans and their relationship with their ancestors ...This is not going to be an historical film debating old issues like human sacrifice, but rather a film that explores the future of the Maya and the coming events prophecied to center around 2012. The film is said to write a new "what if" ending, in which the Maya decide to take back what belongs to them. We suggest that visitors come to our fair state and see that the Mayans of Yucatan are certainly not waiting for some magical date in 2012 to "reclaim their own." Instead, the Mayans of Yucatan are hard at work in education and research, art and music, and business and agriculture ... " yucatanliving.com

Mexico sees deepwater oil production from 2012    
"... Mexican state-owned oil company Pemex, under pressure to increase its energy output, said on Thursday it expects to begin producing oil from deepwater wells from around 2012 ... The roughly 10,000 sq-metre area Pemex is currently studying -- at water depths of 1,000 metres (3,300 feet) and 1,000 metres of rock -- could contain 4 billion barrels of oil, early tests indicate, Pemex geophysicist Arturo Soto said ... " Reuters.com (site accessed Mar 2007)

Mexico's national water commission Conagua is aiming for the country to treat 100% of its wastewater by 2012   
"... Of the 220,000 l/s of wastewater currently collected throughout the country, only 36% is treated, meaning current investment would have to nearly triple to reach a 100% treatment rate ..." Business News Americas (site accessed Feb 2007)

Many Dutch prepare for 2012 Apocalypse   
" ... The Dutch-language de Volkskrant newspaper said it spoke to thousands of believers in the impending end of civilization, and while theories on the supposed catastrophe varied, most tied the 2012 date to the end of the Mayan calendar, Radio Netherlands reported Monday. De Volkskrant said many of those interviewed are stocking up on emergency supplies, including life rafts and other equipment ..." upi.com (site accessed June 2008)

New Zealand
Auckland will have first electric train service by 2012  
NewstalkZB (site accessed September 2006)

Over 3 million visitors expected by 2012   
with Australia, China and UK accounting for two thirds of the total increase. Australia - up 229,000 or 26 per cent; China - up 138,000 or 157 per cent; United Kingdom - up 114,000 or 37 per cent. nzherald.co.uk (site accessed Sept 2006)

Uninterrupted electricity power supply by December 2012  
 "President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday unveiled his strategy to end chronic power shortages in the country, shifting the goalpost for the achievement of uninterrupted electricity supply to December 2012 ..." allafrica.com (site accessed Aug 2010)

North Korea
Think Tank Predicts Kim Jong-il's Death in 2012   
"North Korean leader Kim Jong-il may not survive the year 2012 and massive unrest is likely to follow his death, the state-run Korea Institute for National Unification speculates. A military coup, riots, massacres and a massive exodus could follow Kim's death, KINU said in its report. It is rare for a state-run South Korean think tank to go into such detail in forecasting changes in North Korea in a publicly issued report since such speculation is a red rag to Pyongyang ..." englishchosun.com (site accessed Jan 2010)

Kim Jong Il’s 2012 Goal Aided by Clinton  "North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s surprise meeting with former U.S. President Bill Clinton boosted his ambition to hand over power to a third generation of his family, South Korea’s foreign minister said in an interview ...Kim would ideally prefer to have one of his sons replace him as leader in 2012, Yu said. The year is significant because Kim would be 70, according to his official birthday. The year also marks 100 years since the birth of his father and the nation’s founder, Kim Il Sung. The year 2012 “is important to glorify his father’s image and the Kim Il Sung family again,” Yu said. “That’s the year of the completion of power succession.”" bloomberg.com (site accessed Aug 2009)
See also: Long range rocket heralds run-up to 2012 celebrations   
"North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has a stronger hand to squeeze concessions from global powers and keep his iron grip in place over the destitute state after launching a long-range rocket on Sunday ... "The timing of the launch was designed to coincide with the start of Kim's new mandate and to herald what the North's propaganda calls 'a great prosperous powerful nation' the country aims to build by 2012," ... The year 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the birthday of state founder and Kim's father, Kim Il-sung. The country will use it to showcase its communist system, which experts said is designed to keep the Kim family in power ..." uk.reuters.com (site acccessed April 2009)
See also:
Why Does Kim Jong-il Promise Great Things for 2012?   "North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has been quoted as saying it was 'the firm intention of the party and the people to open the gates on a powerful country by 2012.' ... Earlier, Kim was quoted by the Korean Central Television Station as saying, "Now that an ideologically and militarily powerful country has been achieved through the development of nuclear weapons, an economically powerful country should be achieved by 2012." "A country" in each case seems to refer to a stage in North Korea's development." english.chosun.com (site accessed Jan 2009)

Pakistan will be water-short by 2012  "Pakistan is storing only 13% of the annual water flows of its rivers, if this capacity is not increased, Pakistan will be a water-short country by 2012 ..." app.com.pk (site accessed Dec 2007)

Pakistan Air Force to be transformed by 2012 " ... Pakistan Air Force will have an initial order of 150 JF-17 Thunder aircrafts but the number will rise to 200-250 aircrafts ..." defence.pk (site accessed May 2007)

85% Literacy by 2012  
"The NCHD, in its presentation, said it had set up 22,000 literacy centres to help raise the literacy rate from the current 55 per cent to 85 per cent by 2012."  Dawn.com (site accessed Sept 2006)

Israel Rules Out Palestinian State by 2012  "In remarks that could further strain peace efforts, Israel’s foreign minister said on Tuesday there was no chance a Palestinian state would be established in the next two years. “I’m an optimistic person, but there is absolutely no chance of reaching a Palestinian state by 2012,” the foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said. “One can dream and imagine, but we are far from reaching understandings and an agreement.” ... nytimes.com

U.S.-manned Patriot missile base to be set up in Poland by 2012  " ... Moscow has consistently expressed its opposition to the U.S. missile shield, saying it threatens its national security. The United States says the shield is designed to thwart missile attacks by what it calls "rogue states," including Iran." globalsecurity.org (site accessed Aug 2008)

Portugal investing billions in renewable energy by 2012   
International Herald Tribune (site accessed Mar 2007)

Qatar economy could double by 2012   
" ....The country is the top-performing economy in the region, and one of the richest countries in the world, with a per capita GDP of $63,000. The IBQ report, produced along with the economic research team at partner International Bank of Kuwait, predicts the economy could double again by 2012.
GDP expanded by 24% in 2006, having averaged 30% over the previous three years. Growth remained high, supported by gains in hydrocarbon output and ‘massive’ investment, and sustained momentum in the non-oil sector...." arabianbusiness.com (site accessed June 2007)

Qatar will emerge as a major exporter of petrochemical products by 2012
Gulf Times (site accessed April 2006)

The Peninsula On-line   
Qatar will become the world's largest Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exporter by 2012. (site accessed Feb 2006)

1,200 km of motorway to be built by 2012   "It may seem hard to believe, but within six years we will have motorways in Romania" - Romanian Minister of Transport, Construction and Tourism. Reporter.gr (site accessed June 2006) Article no longer accessible

Russia to build eight technoparks by 2012   
"... the Russian government approved a program to create technoparks, which will incorporate high-tech enterprises in such sectors as nano-, bio-, information and other kinds of technology, as well as scientific research organizations, educational institutions providing staff for such enterprises, and other related ventures ... mnweekly.ru (site accessed Feb 2008)

Russia confirms pledge to destroy all chemical weapons by 2012   " Russia will fulfill its obligations under an international agreement to destroy all its chemical weapon stockpiles by 2012, a senior defense official said Thursday. Russia signed the Chemical Weapons Convention on January 13, 1993 and ratified it on November 5, 1997. The country declared an arsenal of 40,000 metric tons of chemical weapons in 1997, and has so far destroyed 8,000 tons ..." en.rian.ru (site accessed Aug 2007)

Putin to return in 2012?
  "A senior ally of Vladimir Putin has said his party would be ready to nominate Mr Putin for the Russian presidency in 2012, fuelling speculation that the Russian leader could return four years after an interim candidate is elected next year ..." msnbc.msn.com (site accessed Aug 2007)
See also: Russian party to nominate Putin in 2012
politicom.moldova.org (site accessed Aug 2007)

300,000 ethnic Russians to return to Russia before 2012   
" ... A total of 55 Russian regions have expressed their desire to participate in the voluntary immigration program for ethnic Russians living abroad. In 2007, the program will be launched in 12 pilot regions, with the Kaliningrad region being the first among them ... " www.interfax.ru (site accessed Aug 2007)

Russia's new Black Sea base complete by 2012   
" ... The construction of a new base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the port of Novorossiisk will be completed by 2012, the Navy Commander said Wednesday ... " mnweekly.ru (site accessed July 2007)

Russian mobile phone market to be worth $34 bln by 2012
"The Russian mobile phone market could grow 132% by value to $34.1 billion in 2012 from $14.7 billion in 2006, according to an estimate by Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) (RTS: MTSS).
The market will grow by an average of 15% per year during this period, MTS President Leonid Melamed said ... " interfax.ru (site accessed June 2007)

High speed trains to appear in Russia by 2012-14   
"...The Head of Russian Railways claims that high-speed railways will appear in Russia by 2012-2014 and marks that the first trains moving at more than 300km per hour speed are planned to be introduced on the route Moscow-St. Petersburg..." Russia-ic.com (site accessed Feb 2007)

Russian gas supplies to South Korea may begin in 2012   
Russian natural gas supplies to South Korea may begin in 2012 or 2013, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told reporters in Seoul today. Russia expected to sell about 10 billion cubic meters a year, Miller said. The project envisages the signing of a long-term contract for more than 30 years, and the size of the supplies could be increased in future.

The intergovernmental agreements on gas cooperation give a green light to commercial negotiations between Gazprom and the Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS). "We have immediately begun talks on gas supplies from Russia to South Korea," Miller stressed. He said different gas pipeline routes were being considered. There are two options - a sea route or a land route. The value of the land route is estimated at almost $2 billion, according to Miller. rbsnews.com (site accessed October 2006)

Country Targets 100 Percent Access to Clean Water By 2012   
"By 2012, all Rwandans should have access to clean water, the Minister of State in Charge of Energy and Water, Dr. Albert Butare has pledged. According to the Minister, the country has already shown impressive efforts towards attaining this goal ..." allafrica.com (site accessed Mar 2009)

No more milk imports after 2012  "Rwanda has been importing more than 70% of its milk requirements resulting in 'unprecedented levels of malnutrition' but by 2012 that is slated to change, a new government plan for the sector seems to suggest ...  The plan 'A cow per every poor family' is part of the hybrid poverty eradication drive - the Economic Development and Poverty Eradication Strategy (EDPRS) launched at the Development Partners Meeting in Kigali held November 26-27. Through the ambitious program, government wants to bring down poverty level from above 60% to just fewer than 46% in 2012 ..." allafrica.com (site accessed Dec 2007)

dtt.net.com Serbia hopes to join the EU in 2012 (site accessed Feb 2006)

Liquid natural gas terminal for completion in 2012   "Singapore ... has no energy resources and relies on gas for 70% of its power. Indonesian fields that supply gas pipelines will start running out in 2016, forcing the government to look outside Southeast Asia for supplies ... Global production of LNG, gas cooled to a liquid for transport by ship, may surge 82% to 256 million tons a year by 2010, the International Energy Agency said in June." The Financial Express (site accessed Aug 2006)

South Korea
Korea Seeks 100% Self-Sufficiency in Nuclear Power by 2012   
"President Lee Myung-bak has called on his officials to achieve 100 percent self-sufficiency in nuclear power plant design and construction by 2012. The President's comment ... follows just days after a consortium including Korea's state-run power company won a US$40 billion bid to construct nuclear power plants in the United Arab Emirates ..." english.chosun.com (site accessed Jan 2010)

Koreans relatively calm over 2012 Apocalypse   " ... A quick search for "2012" on Google's blog search engine in six languages shows that the interest of Koreans online has not been piqued like that of those in other countries. The search garnered more than 1.2 million English-language hits, when surveyed in October, compared with 5,242 Korean hits. The Spanish-language search had the second-highest number with more than 54,000, with French, Japanese and Russian following ..." koreatimes.co.kr (site accessed Oct 09)

Koreans to achieve fastest internet service by 2012  "The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) announced on Sunday that it plans to spend $24.6 billion over the next five years to increase the nation's Internet broadband infrastructure to support country-wide 1 Gbps Internet access, and wireless services of 10 Mbps, roughly 10x faster than their current highest-end offerings. The plan is expected to create 120,000 jobs ..." tgdaily.com (site accessed Feb 2009)

Universal Studios to open Korean theme park in 2012   "... it will be bigger than the Universal Studios parks in Los Angeles and Osaka, Japan ... In addition to the theme park, the multi-purpose project will include a hotel and other accommodations facilities, a convention center and an outlet mall ... Seoul's dense and relatively affluent population of 25 million made Korea an attractive market for the project. In light of this statement, many people believe that the park will be built in the metropolitan area ..." chosun.com (site accessed May 2007)

Superfast(400kph) train to be built by 2012   "The new train, tentatively called the Highspeed Electric Multiple Unit 400kmh eXperiment (HEMU-400X), is expected to cost 96.4 billion won (US$101.9 million)" YonhapNews (site accessed Mar 2007)

Multipurpose infrared satellite launch in 2012   
"South Korea plans to launch an infrared detection satellite around 2012 that will have both civilian and military applications, a state space panel said Tuesday .... This can be used to fight forest fires, detect heat islands in urban areas during the summer and monitor volcanic activity. The infrared capability can also be used to follow the movement of vehicles, ships and aircraft. The latter function could help national defense policymakers keep track of military activities." YonhapNews (site accessed Dec 2006)

Magnetic levitation train to start in 2012   "
South Korea plans to launch a next-generation transportation system based on unmanned magnetic levitation trains, otherwise dubbed maglev, in 2012 with homegrown technologies." The Korea Times (site accessed October 2006)

Seoul could control its military by 2012   "South Korea’s defense minister has said Seoul will be able to take back wartime control of its military from the United States by 2012, a ministry official said Friday. South Korea transferred control of its troops in 1950 to the U.S., which led U.N. forces to help South Korea repel invading North Korean troops during the 1950-53 Korean War." ArmyTimes.com (site accessed July 2006)

See also: Digital Chosunibo (site accessed Aug 2006)
See also: U.S. and South Korea agree to transfer of wartime command by 2012 International Herald Tribune (site accessed Feb 2007)
See also: 8th army to have presence in South Korea even after 2012 estripes.com (site accessed Jul 2007)

South Korea to be top battery supplier by 2012   "South Korea aims to become the world's top supplier of rechargeable batteries by 2012, surpassing current leader Japan. The government said it has assembled the infrastructure and key materials needed to boost production." EETimes (site accessed Dec 2006)

Madrid airport will be handling more flights than Amsterdam's Schiphol by 2012
Expatica (site accessed April 2006)

Sudan 2012   
" ... Four possible scenarios for the future of Sudan are described, defined by two key uncertainties: 1) In 2012, will Sudan be united or will the North and South have gone separate ways? 2) In 2012, will there be a new war between the North and the South, or will there be no war? The answer to neither question is known; they both, theoretically, have two equally possible answers ..." blogs.ssrc.org (site accessed Oct 09)

Government set to unveil new mass transit system by 2012  
Business Day (site accessed Nov 2006)

The East African News  480,000 rural Ugandans to get electricity by 2012 (site accessed Mar 2006) Article no longer accessible

Ukraine to get rid of its highly enriched uranium by 2012   
"Ukraine plans to give up its stockpile of highly enriched uranium by 2012, President Viktor Yanukovych announced after a meeting with President Barack Obama on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in the US capital. Ukraine will instead convert its existing civil nuclear facilities to operate with low-enriched uranium ... " sify.com (site accessed Apr 2010)

Venezuela eyes 2012 start for huge oil field   "Venezuelan state-run energy giant PDVSA said on Saturday that production would begin on its massive Junin 6 oil field by 2012, with backing from a Russian consortium. In a statement, PDVSA said the Orinoco-based field would produce "between 400,000 and 450,000 barrels of crude a day." Junin 6 is thought to hold 53 billion barrels of heavy crude, making it one of the world's largest reserves. google.com/hosted news (site accessed Sep 2009)

Vietnam to eliminate hunger by 2012   
" ... Vietnam's Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development drafted a plan to eliminate hunger in the country by 2012 ... Although Vietnam is the second largest rice exporter in the world, there remain risks that threaten food stability in the near future ... Vietnam, with a population of 84 million, still has one million ethnic people in mountainous areas that frequently face a shortage of rice ..." xinhuanet.com (site accessed Mar 2009)