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These are links to other sites providing a similar service to 2012 Predictions: ie a directory or list of links to sites concerned with 2012 or a discussion forum. There are also links to sites concerned with generally explaining 2012.

Sites promoting survival aids and advice

2012 Doomsday Predictions "There has been much speak of late about the supposed doomsday prediction of December 21, 2012 as mirrored within the Mayan lengthy calendar. HOW SERIOUSLY should you take the speak about an finish of the world 2012 doomsday. Others speak of a Nostradamus 2012 doomsday prediction. It has got to the point where the thought of a 2012 finish of the world doomsday is freaking some folks out ..." 2012-doomsday-predictions.com (site accessed Jul 2010)

World Wide News Flash: 2012 Predictions   Collection of photos, video links and articles about 2012. wwnewsflash.com (site accessed Jul 2010)

2012 Spam   Collection of articles and video links about 2012. 2012spam.cp, (site accessed Jul 2010)

Theory of 2012   " ... It doesn’t really matter which theory you believe in, or if you believe none at all. Preparing yourself for the mass hysteria that’s sure to happen in those final days of December should be your top priority. You have to prepare to take care of yourself and your family just incase the world does fall apart, or society just starts acting like the world is falling apart ..." theoryof2012.com (site accessed May 2010)

Project restoration   " .... I predict that by 2012, we will be operative in different bodies. Some of us will be made fully of light, having transmuted our course material form. The idea of light-bodies is not new, but something found from Tibet to the Huichol Indians ...." Projectrestoration.com (site accessed Apr 2010)

Humanities of Hope   " ... The Humanities of Hope organization will be a cornerstone of preservation for the future. This information will be kept for historical purposes and genealogy tracing only for after 2012. Survivors of 2012 or the Polar shift will be able to retrieve precious information about their family and friends who have become members with us. Our organization will mark a new beginning for civilization on Earth ...
Humanities of Hope organization has taken action, and has created this site to register, prepare and preserve your information for your descendants. We have reserved a safe and private location to accumulate and time-vault this precious information. The location of the Vault will remain secret, and your information will be kept confidential. Registered members of our organization will receive an email as to the location approximately *Nov 1, 2012. (TBD) ..." humanitiesofhope.com (site accessed Mar 2010)

Explain 2012   Variety of articles explaining various aspects of 2012 and the background to them. explain2012.com (site accessed Mar 2010)

History.com - 2012   Videos and interactives, related articles and shows produced by History.com. The site strives for accuracy and fairness. history.com (site accessed Mar 2010)

2012 Explained   " ... This website will try to answer most questions you may have in a rational and scientific way. There's too many website creating some sort of fear propaganda around 2012. As you will see, you have nothing to be scared of. There's too much misinformation going on about this subject and what you've read so far about the end of the world in 2012 is probably false ..." 2012explained.com (site re-accessed Mar 2010)

2012 Hoax - Debunking the 2012 Doomsday   " ... This site is dedicated to exposing and debunking the many claims made about an apocalypse in the year 2012. Hopefully it will be read by those who need to see it. Hopefully they will see in time that this is not true at all ...Several of us are astronomers .... Some of us are not astronomers, but have an interest in astronomy and space. We come from all over the world: The U.S., the U.K., Australia, Germany. A few of us contribute directly to the site. Many of us contribute by proofreading or giving feedback, or by contributing to one of the main authors by e-mail. None of us are part of any vast conspiracy to hide anything ..." 2012hoax.org (site accessed Jan 2010)

Meteorite in 2012? Truth or Fiction? How to prepare and survive the coming events. Meteorite2012.com (site accessed Nov 09)

Timeline 2012   "VISION: Timeline 2012’s vision is to create a template for community development that will ensure physical and spiritual sustainability through and beyond the events surrounding 2012. Create a new Community Group or locate a Community in your area. MISSION: Timeline 2012’s mission is to provide truthful and scientific information and conclusions regarding global and cosmic changes, as well as solutions on how to thrive beyond 2012." timeline2012.org (site accessed Oct 09)

MY2K  "MY2K is the Mayan version of Y2K. The world might end. Something catastrophic might happen. Or not. After 5125 years a sophisticated ancient calendar is set to end suddenly. Suddenly on one day. Suddenly on one day in our lifetime. Suddenly on one day in our lifetime AND we have cable TV to tell us all about it. As 2012 gets closer, this will be the story. We'll get to find out about all things Mayan. We need a new story anyway. And just like Y2K, probably nothing bad will happen. But that won't stop us from the fun of anticipation. I'm intent on learning to read the glyphs, so I'll blog while I'm at it" MY2K.com (site accessed Oct 09)

2012 Predictions A site with the same name as this one, but no relation! "This website looks at 2010 - 2012 predictions and the spiritual revolution. A massive change is coming and we are lucky to be alive to witness it. Consider it purification rather than a catastrophe. After the frequency shift there will be abundance for all..." 2012predictions.co.uk (site accessed Oct 09)

We Will Survive 2012  2012-related articles and links. WeWillSurvive2012.com (site accessed Aug 2009)

The Year 2012 Blog  Blog about 2012 and related phenomena. the-year2012.blogspot.com (site accessed Aug 2009)

2012 End of World Survival  "If you chose to survive on the doomsday, then sign up to our special newsletter. You will get unique and life-saving information! Nowhere else will you get this." apprized.com (site accessed Aug 2009)

2012 Millenarianism Wikipaedia overview of the "2012 meme" includes Mayan references, theories, critical summary of inaccurate theories, dissemination, and references. en.wikipaedia.org (site accessed Aug 2009)
See also: 2012 - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia    List of predicted events for the year 2012, including economic, political and astronomical. Also has a 2012 calendar. Includes a list of theories of apolcalypticism and/or spiritual transformation, and fictional references to 2012. (site accessed Feb 2006)

2012 Official Countdown   " ... 2012 Official Countdown consists of 3 guides, professional audio and updates as more events tie in with December 21, 2012. We cover the complete topic of 2012: Where it comes from, the myths, proof of 2012, government cover-ups, religion, death, life, world peace, spiritual awakening, war, aliens, space and everything about 2012 that hasn't been covered before ..." 2012officalcountdown.com (site accessed Aug 2009)

2012 Hype   "The unknown is always mysterious to people. In order to find the truth we must separate fact from fiction. December 21, 2012 is a date that is on many people minds and is becoming much more prevalent in the media as we have now seen, but is all of this a marketing scam or is it fact? This site is dedicated to my research to separate that facts from the hype of 2012." 2012hype.com (site accessed July 2009)

Armageddon Online   List of predicted events for 2012, both mundane and apocalypic. Daily updated news about disasters, survival, science, war and much more.
Along-side a"core" collection of possible future scenarios, it is home to 5000 member community and growing every day. (site accessed March 2006, re-accessed July 2009)

2012 Predictions and Prophecy Free video reveals the #1 thing you need to know about 2012. Give us 43 Minutes and we'll get some of the world's top experts on 2012, predictions of the end of the world, historical and cross-cultural prophecies of a spiritual enlightenment, the science explaining the coming electromagnetic shifts in the earth and sun, or the superstitions surrounding an apocalypse, to reveal their most powerful, most useful, and most insightful research to give you the tools you need to make up your OWN mind about 2012 and what it means to you and your family - 100% FREE..." 2012predictionsandprophecy.com (site accessed Jul 2009)

ISOMP "I am interested in the Doomsday so I will collects all information about this and publish to my site. I hope you will be happy to read and see videos on my blog. Good luck." isomp.com (site accessed May 2009)

x2012   "Support begiebt sich auf die Suche und hält Ausschau nach Theorien, Themen, Möglichkeiten... Wir stellen Dir Links, Blogs, Videos und Bücher zum 21. Dezember 2012 vor. Vielleicht klappt es ja dann mit dem Aufstieg :)"

Temple 2012   A place for examination and discussion of issues and theories involving the year 2012. "We have posted some music about the end of the world, and we hope to add art, photography, poetry, and anything else readers choose to share. In addition, we have put up a discussion board on the matter." temple2012.com (site accessed April 2009)

A brief history of the Apocalypse   Database of apocalyptic prophecies dating back as far as 2800 BC and including 2012. However the site appears not to have been added to since 2005. abhota.info (site accessed Mar 2009)

Project 2012:  Predictions coming true? Nuclear war begins soon?  " ... We have launched “Project 2012? to research this topic and investigate the facts in the light of current global geo-political developments , astrology readings and sacred prophecies about End of days/ Age transitions and try to authenticate the possibility of a Nuclear War/ Armageddon before 2012 ..." thecurrentaffairs.com (site accessed Feb 2009)

The Fifth Knight's Blog - Series of links to 2012 Maya related articles,including Mayan 2012: The Prophetic Awakening. www.volconvo.com/blogs (site accessed Jan 09)

Predict 2012 "So, there are tons and tons of predictions on 2012. I'm going to name several here, and sort of explain what they are. Then, I'm going to tell you why the world will not end on 2012 ...If you want me to research and break down another theory, leave me a comment here, and I'll get on it and see what I can do. " predict2012.blogspot.com (site accessed Jan 2009)

2012: Final Fantasy? " ... I believe we will see a return to the divine will… in every day life. I believe spiritual transformation is about to be put into exponential gear ... Our present world bears witness not to the divine, but to our own greed and selfishness. We’ve lost sight and have been blinded to our ultimate purpose… to live as gods, with “the” God being ONE with us. Fantasy? Maybe even a Final Fantasy? .... So it is that over the next five years, God willing, that I intend to monitor both the natural and the spiritual progress (or lack thereof) of life on planet earth ..." 2012finalfantasy.com (site accessed Dec 2008)

2012 is coming!   Blog/discussion forum by Laura Dunham, who writes books and articles on preparing for 2012. 2012iscoming.blogspot.com (site accessed Nov 2008)

2012 Rising   Various interesting articles about aspects of 2012, including "Possible Cataclysms or Planet X Event in 2012?", "2012 - the Evolution of Perception", "2012 and Zero Point Consciousness" etc. 2012rising.com (site accessed Nov 2008)

Tranquility HQ   - "Understanding and Preparing for the Year 2012." Quite an extensive list of resources and comment on 2012. (site accessed Oct 2008)

2012 Comet  Features Planet Niburu and a collection of 2012 videos. Also has forums. 2012comet.com (site accessed Aug 2008)

2012 News   2012 News claims to be the first site devoted to reporting on the 2012 phenomenon. Unlike blogs the reporting will be free of author bias. The editor is Robert Bast, who operates several other popular 2012 sites. 2012news.com (site accessed June 2008)

2012 Prophecy and related issues   One of several sites maintained by the same person, with various musings on 2012, including, "Wormwood - Could this be the bitter truth of 2012 prophecy?" prophecy2012prediction.blogspot.com (site accessed June 08)

Doomsday Information Guide  "As a professional researcher, I’ve been intrigued about these 2012 Doomsday theories for the past couple years and have done over 5,000 hours of independent research. After collecting and reviewing the data, I have yet to come to my own conclusions about 2012 and its likelihood. I’ve created this blog in hopes to spark interest in others about Apocalyptic theories and to hopefully have meaningful discussions about this topic. I will slowly begin to post my research and evaluations of the evidence ..." ddig.wordpress.com

December212012.com   Extensive website with links to other sites and articles. Of interest may be the Editor's Notes, in which he says " .... I have received a large number of positive responses for my efforts to inform the world about the coming events of 2012 .... However, I also received a great deal of negative feedback regarding this website, the above video and for my personal opinions surrounding this subject. I have also received a number of death threats ... Rumor is beginning to circulate around the Internet that the U.S. government will soon crack down on sites such as this one in an effort to dispel the possibility of mass hysteria. Some believe that the government has already taken some actions and as a result you are not hearing more about this subject in the main stream media. I personally believe that very soon you will start hearing much-much more about this subject and that the “worldwide” interest and understanding of 2012 will supersede any potential government effort to cover-up and defame the coming events.
This site also contains a "Believers List" to which you can add your name. (site accessed Apr 2008)

2012 for Dummies - Survive 2012 Forum  Extensive summary of prophesies/predictions relating to 2012 with "probability meter" and links.Discussion forum members are encouraged to support, add or "blow holes" in any of the ideas. Binskiboys, Survive2012.com/forum2012 (site accessed Sep 2007)

2012 Forums
Discussion Forum for all things 2012 (site accessed Sep 2007)

2012: Dire Gnosis    Links to over 300 Internet sites connected with 2012. Aims to be unbiased. Includes search engine for the site. Many other related articles and links, especially New Age and Mayan. Far more information than there is on this site at present. Diagnosis2012.co.uk (site re-accessed Aug 2007)

www.2012.com "This domain is not for sale. Please do not call, write or send email. Thank you". See The book of Thoth - Conspiracy Theory for a discussion about this.

December 21 2012   Articles and news about everything 2012. Includes books, forums etc. (site accessed Nov 2006)

   "The Singularity, the Quickening, the Cosmogenesis, a period of exponential change - the New Age, the New World Order, Times of High Strangeness, the Hunab Ku, Kali Yuga, I Ching, ancient prophecies and predictions - it seems that we are witnessing the culmination of a Global Paradigm Shift.
This is a time where technological and global changes are happening faster than we can track them. The convergence of science and 'metaphysics' is gathering towards some kind of critical mass. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence are on the cutting edge of Accelerating Change."
Site includes discussion forums and research forums. (site accessed Nov 2006)

The Year 2012  " is a stream of information collected from various sources, mixed with explanation, commentary, and opinion. Much of this material is often ignored by the mass media for its "far out" and "conspiratorial" nature, but that does not mean that it is not important." (site accessed July 2006)

Google Directory - Predictions  Extensive list of sites relating to predictions of all sorts, including 2012. (site accessed April 2006)

Abovetopsecret.com   Link is to a thread index of discussions about 2012 on the forum on this site. (site accessed April 2006)

The Probable Archives   "This is a repository for all those poor, unknown potential prophets (but not profits) to display their skills. The idea is that if you have some prediction you would like to make, you can have it included, with a date and time stamp, and people can judge you later purely on your merits at predicting the future." Includes prophecies for 2012. (site accessed April 2006)

Long Bets  Long Bets is "an arena for competitive, accountable predictions". It contains several about 2012. (site accessed April 2006)

The Library of lalexandria   "A Synthesis of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities, consciousness, the Ha Qabala and ORME, extraterrestrials, corporate rule and politics, law, order and entropy, trial by jury, astronomy, monetary policy, scientific anomalies, and a whole host of other subjects ranging from astrology and astrophysics to superstrings and sonoluminesence to biblical and geologic histories to numerology, the Tarot, and creating your own reality."
The link is to the 2012 section of this vast erudite site. (site accessed Feb 2006)

Wilson's Almanac    A page from a very large website containing all sorts of information. Links to other 2012 related sites. Wilson's Almanac is covering the countdown to the northern Winter Solstice 2012. (site accessed Feb 2006)

Exit Mundi>Maya     A site devoted to examining end of world scenarios as objectively as possible. A huge range of scenarios can be accessed - of which the Maya 2012 one is just one. (site accessed Feb 2006)