Olympic Games 2012

2012 : London Zion – The new Jerusalem PT1A (YouTube)   Theory that the Olympics is linked to Zionists who want to take over the world. atomic811.com (site accessed Sep 2010)

London 2012: Lord Sebastian Coe confident tickets will sell   "London 2012 Olympic Games officials are committed to their existing ticket prices for the Games, even though the 10 million tickets will go on sale at a time when the government's savage budget cuts may start to impact heavily throughout the economy. London organising committee chairman Lord Sebastian Coe said the ticket sales, which are to raise £441m towards the £2b Games operating budget, was very important and he was confident there would be " a very big appetite" for the tickets ..." telegraph.co.uk (site accessed June 2010)

BP intends to remain London 2012 sponsor  "BP intends to remain one of the biggest London 2012 sponsors despite its problems in the Gulf of Mexico.
BP UK executive Peter Mather said Monday the company has no intention of withdrawing its sponsorship of the London Olympics, a deal valued at about $58 million ..." google.com/hostednews (site accessed June 2010)

London 2012 will help BP recover from Gulf oil spill claims Olympics Minister   "BP's sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics will help the company restore its reputation after the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico which killed 11 people and is one of the worst environmental disasters in United States history, Britain's Olympics and Sports Minister Hugh Robertson has predicted ..." insidethegames.biz (site accessed June 2010)

Cultural sites 'vulnerable to criminals' during 2012 Olympics   "A former head of Scotland Yard's art and antiquities squad has warned that "virtually nothing" is being done to secure Britain's cultural and religious sites against criminal attacks which he claims could be sparked by the London 2012 Olympics. Charles Hill said security around the games was focusing on Olympic sites, while many so-called "soft targets" – including museums, galleries, churches and cathedrals – are being overlooked. Hill pointed to evidence of "high and holy day trophy art crime" being carried out when police resources are especially stretched ..." guardian.co.uk (site accessed Jun 10)

2012 Olympics will not be bailed out   "... IOC Chief Jacques Rogge says the financial position of the London 2012 Olympic Games is so healthy that, unlike the Vancouver Winter Olympics, no guarantees will be needed to cover any potential shortfall ..." telegraph.co.uk (site accessed Feb 10)

Downturn will not impact 2012 crowds   "The 2012 Olympics will enjoy full stadiums despite the global economic downturn, London Games chief Sebastian Coe said on Tuesday. The former gold medallist also said a possible change of government in 2010 would not disrupt plans. "I don't for one minute doubt we will have anything other than full stadia in this country," ..." nytimes.com (site accessed Jan 10)

2012 Olympics predicted to hurt London tourism   "A study by the European Tourism Operators Association (ETOA) predicts a drop in London tourism due to the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in the city. Citing statistics from the past six Olympics, the ETOA expects overseas visitors to drop by 30 percent in the month before the Olympics. A decline in tourism may continue for months or years after the event, the ETOA report claims. The study contrasts sharply with predictions by Olympic organizers and London tourism officials ..." examiner.com (site accessed Nov 09)

London 2012 targets green-tech to cut costs   " ... The London Games will also make greater use of remote information systems than any previous Olympics, streaming real-time results and coverage to broadcasters around the world and offering a single feed of all Olympics news. The tech is aimed at reducing unnecessary travel by journalists and using less paper than the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where seven million sheets were printed out ..." zdnet.co.uk (site accessed Mar 2009)

2012 will be the year that high times turn to hard times   "Suddenly 2012 sounds a lot less enticing. The year in which Britain was to have been triumphant, basking in international Olympic glory, will be the year when the debt hits home. In schools and hospitals and social services departments, in libraries and nurseries and courts, 2012 will be the year that high times turn to hard times. ..." timesonline.co.uk (site accessed November 2008)

Security costs will send 2012 bill over £10 billion   "Escalating security costs for the London Olympics will drive the budget for the 2012 Games over the £10 billion mark, it has been claimed. Anti-terrorism measures will push the cost of Games security to an estimated £1.5 billion - nearly three times the original estimate - according to insiders ...Extra measures to protect athletes and spectators from an attack include drafting in the Army. Military helicopters will patrol overhead and jets will be on stand-by to protect a no-fly zone over the Olympic stadium in Stratford ..." thisislondon.co.uk (site accessed Oct 2008)
See also: 2012 Olympics bill might top £20 billion   "Bookmakers William Hill believe there is every chance the the final official cost of the 2012 Olympics will top £20bn. With the government currently insisting that the cost will be £9.35bn, William Hill have opened a book on what will be the final official cost of the London Olympics as confirmed by the government, and they offer 16/1 that it will come in at under £10bn. Bookies offer 4/6 that the final cost will be between £10bn and £20bn and quote 11/10 that it will soar to over £20bn ..." casinobeacon.co.uk (site accessed Apr 2008)
See also: True cost of Olympics will be over £16.6bn   "A survey of key industry figures reveals that on average, engineers believe Olympic bosses should add an additional 39% to the final worst case budget of $12bn (excluding VAT) as a contingency sum to allow for cost overruns. This includes costs to cover the delivery partner role, increased security, regeneration and VAT add up to a total construction bill almost four times the $4.7bn put forward in London's bid to host the Games." New Civil Engineer (site accessed Jan 2007)
See also: Olympics budget rises to 9.3bn news.bbc.co.uk (site accessed Mar 2007)
See also: Olympics cost likely to overrun guardianunlimited (site accessed Jul 2007)

See also: 2012 Chiefs face cost criticism " Olympic bosses have been accused of "grossly underestimating the entirely foreseeable costs" of the 2012 games ..." news.bbc.co.uk (site accessed Nov 2007)


Further doubt over the future of the Olympic Stadium   " ... Initial plans were to develop an 80,000-seater stadium which could be scaled down into a community venue. That way a 25,000-seater venue could become home to a lower-league football or rugby club. Officials planned to transform it into a stadium that could host grand prix athletics events and other national sport events but would also serve the communities of the boroughs .... comments suggest that a lower-league club would not be interested in a stadium that retained an athletics track and officials are still denying any rumours that it could be knocked down and rebuilt for a Premier League side ..." (bbc.co.uk/sport) site accessed Sep 08
See also: The Olympic Stadium will not be turned into a football ground after the 2012 games says London Mayor, Ken Livingstone. BBC News (site accessed April 2006)
Stadium could house West Ham FC    "Officials had insisted that after the 2012 London Games the East End stadium will be reduced in capacity and used for athletics.
But organising committee Chairman Lord Coe confirmed it could also house a Premiership team, such as West Ham." BBC News
(site accessed April 2006)
..... Or maybe Spurs
Sportinglife.com (site accessed Sep 2006)
..... Or maybe not
Sportbusiness.com (site accessed Oct 2006)
..... Or maybe Leyton Orient
The Sun Online (site accessed Nov 2006)

Britons remain gloomy about London 2012   " ... "Thirty-seven per cent still think that the final budget will be twice as high as the current prediction of £9.4 billion - falling only slightly from 41 per cent prior to these Games and just 12 per cent expect that the London Games will come in 'on budget' or within ten per cent." .... inthenews.co.uk (site accessed Sep 2008)

London 2012, yeah right " ... Failing that we can almost guarantee that the 2012 olympics are gonna have workmen on the track at all times, I can almost see the 1500 meters being confined to a track with one lane, a workman standing every 15 meters with a hazard barrier ..." jehricoworld.wordpress.com (site accessed Aug 2008)

London 2012 - Get set for Gary Glitter " ... But don't be surprised if, in four years' time, the Olympic torch is carried into the stadium in East London by Jade Goody, following a march past by the Bradford chapter of Islamic Jihad, a 21-gun salute from the Brixton Crazee Eyez Killaz drive-by shooting posse - and a concert by Gary Glitter. That's if they've managed to shift the illegal gipsy camp off the track and field in time and the whole complex hasn't been shut down by elf 'n'safety ..."Richard Littlejohn, dailymail.co.uk (site accessed Aug 2008)

Defining the undefinable ... " ... The real legacy, I venture to predict, from the London games in 2012 will be an immense increase in surveillance and government control, above and beyond the horrifying levels now in place ..." Phillip Hensher, independent.co.uk (site accessed Aug 2008)

Audio Slideshow: London's Olympic Park   "The transformation of London's east end ahead of the 2012 Olympics is well underway. But construction of a sparkling new stadium and Olympic park - as depicted in artist impressions - has only just begun. Radio 4's Today programme asked author and local resident Iain Sinclair to tour the area. He explains why he is sceptical about the benefits the London games will bring ..." bbc.co.uk/today (site accessed Aug 2008)

Olympic Games - Sporting Dream or Nightmare?   " THE most terrifying visions of mayhem are not found on the horror channel but the in the nightmares of the men and women charged with delivering the London 2012 Olympics. If the last drops of goodwill towards the Games evaporate in the coming months, as costs soar faster than any summer heatwave, Britain may be destined for a fiasco that will make Terminal 5 seem less traumatic than a tremor in a cup of espresso ..." icWales.co.uk (site accessed June 2008)

Police warn over Olympics staffing   "The massive demands of the 2012 Olympics will leave forces struggling to cope with everyday policing, it has been claimed. Some 15,000 officers, about 10% of the police workforce in England and Wales, are expected to be involved in the operation ... Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, of the Metropolitan Police, said every force in the country will be affected by the Games. He said the national threat level is likely to rise from severe to critical as the Games approach. Mr Ghaffur, the most senior officer responsible for Olympic policing, said: "The assessment is it will remain severe or go critical in the very near future right up to the Games themselves." ukpress.google.com (site accessed May 2008)
See also: Olympic Games could be a major terror risk  "BRITAIN'S top police chief yesterday warned that the 2012 Olympics are a major terror risk - as it was revealed we are now al-Qaeda's main target.Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said forces across the country are drawing up plans to prevent fanatics disrupting the event.He revealed: "From where we are now it is clear that the Olympic Games will be a huge target for terrorists." Senior police sources believe policing the London event will cost £3billion." Mirror.co.uk (site accessed Oct 2006)
See also: Olympic games could be target for animal rights extremists  "While animal rights extremists warned Monday that the London 2012 Games was now a target for direct action since one of the companies involved in the project was behind a controversial animal research laboratory at Oxford University, the British government said it hopes to use the Games to eliminate child poverty and unemployment in the city." GamesBids.com (site accessed Oct 2006)

Great Britain will have a 2012 football team   "London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe has said there will be a British football team competing at the Olympic Games. Coe has always been an advocate of a GB team appearing at London 2012, while he recently tried to persuade Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson to manage the team if the idea proved successful ... GB won Olympic soccer gold in 1900, 1908 and 1912, while there hasn't been a men's team since the 1956 Olympics." telegraph.co.uk (site accessed Mar 2008)

No cars at Olympics   At the heart of the 'Olympic Transport Plan' published last week is the goal of encouraging 100 per cent travel by public transport, walking and cycling.The plan is now going to consultation. And it outlines that one train every 15 seconds will serve the Olympic Park, with the rail system carrying 240,000 people per hour. Newham Recorder (site accessed Nov 2006)
See also: Olympics chiefs demand 3,000 chauffeur-driven cars for ‘green’ Games   "London’s ambition to hold the first car-free Olympics in 2012 is being undermined by the International Olympic Committee’s demand for more than 3,000 chauffeur-driven cars for dignitaries, officials and corporate sponsors ..."timesonline.co.uk (site accessed Mar 2008)

100% sure I will win Gold in 2012 Olympics: Om Prakash   " Om Prakash Singh has come a long way in last three years after leaving basket ball for 7.22 kg iron ball as shot put thrower. He now aims of winning gold medal in 2012 London Olympics. "I am 100% sure, with proper help and guidance I will win gold medal for India in London Olympics in 2012," said Om Prakash ..." indiatimes.com (site accessed Feb 2008)

Britain could face Olympic black-out crisis   "Britain could face a shortage of electricity in five to seven years, causing problems for London's hosting of the Olympic games in 2012, a report will say this week ..." telegraph.co.uk (site accessed Feb 2008)

London games said to face 1 billion pound shortfall   "The 2012 London Olympics faced fresh financial concerns on Tuesday after reports that a slump in land prices could leave a one billion pounds "black hole" in the budget ..." uk.news.yahoo.com (site accessed Jan 2008)

Building a sustainable games   Statement from the London 2012 Olympics Committee setting out 12 sustainability objectives for the event, including climate change, waste and biodiversity. london2012.com(site accessed Nov 2007)

Is the Queen going by Tube to the 2012 Olympics?   "I heard on the radio the 2012 London Olympics organisers say "100 per cent of visitors to the Games will arrive by public transport." If this is true, it means the Queen and Prince Phillip will have to walk from Buckingham Palace to Victoria station, get the overcrowded District Line to West Ham, change onto the Jubilee Line to Stratford, then hop on a bus to the Olympics Park ..." James Birkett, East London Advertiser (site accessed Nov 2007)

You can't use the O Word   "Believe it or not, use of 'Olympic' could be barred under copyright law. And maybe even '2012' ..." David Edgar, The Guardian (site accessed Oct 2007)

2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games – A lasting legacy for the UK   "The Government today underlined its commitment to ensuring an inspirational, safe and inclusive Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, that will leave a sustainable legacy for London and the UK ..." culture.gov.uk (site accessed Oct 2007)

One security/credit card to rule them all at the 2012 Olympics   " ... for anyone going to the Olympics that year, you’ll buy your tickets online as always, go to a kiosk at the venue and identify yourself using at least two factors. You’ll then be scanned (likely a fingerprint reader, but could be a face scan) and be given your universal card. The card will know what venues you are allowed to go into and what seats you have. You can also use the kiosk to buy transportation tokens (which the card will hold) and fund the card so you can buy things ..." Rob Enderle, itbusinessedge.com (site accessed Aug 2007)

London 2012 Olympic Boom unlikely   " A report by the London East Research Institute at the University of East London, that analyzed nine areas of the legacy that London 2012 officials hope to leave, shows that assurances the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will create a boom in jobs, tourism and sports participation, are unlikely to be fulfilled ... " GamesBids.com (site accessed May 2007)

We must defeat these professional 2012 cynics   "The Olympics investment is not for a mere 16 days of sport but for the next 50 years, says Ken Livingstone.." (politics.guardian.co.uk)

OAPs doubt they'll be going to the Olympics " ... Mrs Killick said: "I know people are expected to live longer these days but I am nearly 73. When am I going to go to the Olympics?" She has a point. We'd love to see an Olympic event involving the recently reanimated dead, but we don't think the science will get there by 2012 ..." Londonist.com (site accessed Feb 2007)

The wireless world in 2012: An Olympic Dream   "You begin the day on your 4G cellphone/PDA by confirming the schedule of events, then activating your electronic tickets so you can use the express line at the security gate. While you've been "on hold" on your phone, waiting for confirmation, you've been on your PC checking the weather (a sunny day, of course) and looking for the least-congested route to Wembley Stadium...." CommsDesign.com (site accessed Jan 2007)

It will take a miracle for UK athletes to win a gold medal in track and field  says Colin Jackson The Guardian (site accessed Jan 2007)

No gridlock for Olympic transport   "Plans to get people to and from the London 2012 Olympics are "robust" and will not suffer from gridlock, a Games transport chief has told MPs...." BBC News (site accessed Jan 2007)

London's commitment to be the first "one planet" Games   Article by Alex Steffen examining the London Olympics claim "to be the most complete and sophisticated expression of sustainable development ever delivered on a city-wide scale." WorldChanging.com (site accessed Dec 2006)

No more tax rises for Londoners "...my firm guarantee - that Londoners will not be asked to pay any more to fund the 2012 Games." Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, Harrow Times (site accessed Dec 2006)

Olympic Games could face financial problems "London's plans for the 2012 Olympic Games suffered a setback yesterday when MPs were told that the prestige project could face financial problems, divert massive amounts of Lottery money from other sports, and leave no legacy." Telegraph.co.uk (site accessed Oct 2006)

Genetic doping tests for 2012 Olympics   "Olympic organisers are injecting new funds into drug testing over fears that London 2012 will be the first “GM games”, with athletes using genetic doping in an attempt to improve their performance." Sunday Times (site accessed Sep 2006)

2012 Olympic Games could face water shortage   24Dash.com (site accessed July 2006)

2012 Olympic Games will bring in £2.5 billion in sponsorship   "The combination of a significant increase in fee income from the IOC's TOP primary-tier sponsors, which include Visa, McDonald's and Coca-Cola, and projected record revenues for the domestic commercial partners programme will propel the 2012 Games into uncharted waters in terms of marketing spend." Sports Marketing Bulletin (site accessed June 2006)

London will be transformed by 2012   "A plan has been unveiled to transform London for the 2012 Olympics.Unemployment, learning and skills, affordable housing, education and health services will all be tackled in the package. Prime Minister Tony Blair, who launched the Building on Success: London's Challenge for 2012 yesterday, said: 'The Olympics in 2012, when the eyes of the world will be on London, give us a timetable to work towards. Visitors should be shown the new infrastructure supporting economic growth...'" This is Local London (site accessed April 2006)

Great Britain will target fourth place in the London 2012 Olympics medals table ITV News (site accessed April 2006)

Odds of 50-1 that Wembley Stadium won't be ready in time for the 2012 Olympics The Belfast Telegraph (site accessed March 2006)

The Guardian Experts fear power cuts during the 2012 Olympics (site accessed Feb 2006)

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