India: Politics, Social and Economics

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Kashmir and Korea - first nuclear war may be around the corner - 2012 catastrophe? "What is happening in Kashmir valley and Korean Peninsula is dangerous. A nuclear war or even world war is possible. In Kashmir, Pakistan infiltrators finally are able to create total chaos. Indian Government under Manmohan Sing's Congress Party has adopted military power to shut Kashmir's voice. In the long run it can devastating. India will not tolerate Pakistani provocation in Kashmir for long. Situation in the valley is really ugly. India will defend Kashmir. If needed India will use nukes. Pakistan will take the advantage of their life time. They will continue to create chaos. They will also retaliate with nukes ..." (site accessed Aug 2010)

India to be short of 26 million houses by 2012   "With the country's urban population growing up to 3.8 per cent annually due to higher birth rate as compared to death rate and migration from rural areas, urban areas will be short of an estimated 26.53 million dwelling units by 2012 ..." (site accessed Dec 09)

24 x 7 water supply by 2012 in Goa   "Goa is the number one state in water supply sector and with the effective maintenance and operation of the system with continuation of
the above initiatives we are sure to achieve the goal of 24 x 7 water supply on sustainable basis by 2012 to all areas of Goa state. ..." (site accessed Feb 2009)

Every 2nd Indian to have a mobile phone by 2012   " ... According to Business Monitor International, a renowned London-based research firm, 612 million mobile subscribers by 2012 will help India clock a mobile teledensity of roughly 51% by 2012. This scorching pace of growth is unlikely to falter unless the sector faces unforeseen policy disasters or if India's operators fail to roll out their networks ..." (site accessed Aug 2008)

Steel output to more than double by 2012   " ... Steel production in India is forecast more than doubling to 120 million tonnes by 2012, rising to 280 million tonnes by 2025, a conference heard on Monday ..." (site accessed June 2008)

India to get Scorpene submarine by 2012   "The first of six Scorpene submarines, being manufactured by a French company at Mazagaon docks, will be delivered by 2012 and one thereafter every year for the next five years. Scorpene submarines, to be fitted with BrahMos missiles, will be part of a mix of conventional and nuclear undersea firepower India proposes to acquire in the next decade ..." (site accessed Feb 2008)
See also: Nuclear sub may be operational by 2012   "After a series of technical hiccups, India's long-running project to build nuclear submarines is finally gaining momentum. As per the revised target, the Navy is likely to get the first such operational submarine by 2012 ..." The Times of India (site accessed Mar 2007)

India to be 97% broadband enabled by 2012   " ...The government along with Nasscom and private industry associates will set up 20 IIIT's (Indian Institute of Information Technology) in various parts of the country for which the Planning Commission has already made a provision of Rs 100 crores. The government will ensure broadband accessibility to almost every citizen in countryside, covering 97 per cent of its geographical area by 2012 ..." (site accessed Dec 2007)
See also: Round the clock power and broadband connectivity to all villages by 2012   The Economic Times/India Times (site accessed June 2006)

India aims to end open-air defecation by 2012   " India aims to eradicate open-air defecation by 2012 by building toilets for hundreds of millions of its poor and homeless, well ahead of a global deadline to do so, a government minister said. An estimated 2.6 billion people, or about one-third of global population, do not have access to a proper toilet, according to the WHO. More than half that number live in India or China, with India accounting for about 700 million people, experts say ..." (site accessed Nov 2007)

India to provide power to all by 2012   "India says it will provide power to all its citizens by 2012 under the new National Electricity Policy ... " (site accessed Dec 2007)
See also: Efforts to electrify all households by 2012 (site accessed Dec 2006)
See also: India will become power surplus by 2012 (site accessed Aug 2007)
See also: India is all set to miss its 2012 power generation target by 60% (site accessed Aug 2007)

Madurai to become slum-free city by 2012   
"With an ambitious plan of becoming a slum-free city by 2011-12, the Madurai Corporation will construct 30,951 houses and improve infrastructure in 208 slum areas for the benefit of the poor in the next five years ..." (site accessed Aug 2007)

Textile sector to generate 17m jobs by 2012   
"The textile sector is likely to attract investment of Rs 1,50,600 crore by 2012 and would generate employment opportunities for 17.35 million workforce, out of which 5.2 million would be skilled ..." (site accessed May 2007)

Rural India to get 650 million phone connections by 2012    
" ... Underlining that the country's telecom sector has been one of the biggest success stories of market-oriented reforms, the Economic Survey projects that by the end of 2012, 650 million phone connections will be in place. Of this, 66 million will be wired connections and 584 million wireless..." The Financial Express (site accessed Feb 2007)

100% literacy by 2012 in Bangalore   The HIndu (site accessed August 2006)

Govt to abolish child labour in UP   
The Times of India (site accessed August 2006)
See also: Bangalore: Can child labour be eliminated by 2012? (siteaccessed May 2007)
Karnataka extends child labour elimination programme to 2012 (site accessed June 2007)

Medical tourism in India is expected to be second only to the information technology (IT) industry in terms of value by 2012. (site accessed June 2006)

By 2012, India will need 5 million new IT employees (site accessed May 2006)
People in India to be living above the poverty line by 2012    "A number of schemes, including skill-based training, are being devised in rural areas to help around 260 million people living below the poverty line come above that by 2012, Rural Development Minister Raghuvansh Prasad Singh has said.
Dismissing the Planning Commission's apprehension that 11 per cent of India's population may still be under the poverty line by the end of the 11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012), Singh said the government wants to erase the tag by that time." Khaleej Times (site accessed April 2006)

Unemployment totally eliminated by 2012
"Six years from now, there will be no obless people, says the government's top economic advisor C Rangarajan. '
With a sustained growth rate of 9%, by 2012 unemployment will be totally eliminated,' said Rangarajan, chairman, Economic Advisory Council to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh." The Times of India (site accessed March 2006)

India sees gas from Iran via Pakistan in 2012 (site accessed Mar 2006)

India could have enough surplus fuel to fuel Turkey by 2012 (site accessed March 2006) Article no longer accessible
See also:

India's oil refining capacity will rise by 60% by 2012
The Financial Express (site accessed Dec 2006)

India to import 85% crude oil by 2012 (site accessed Feb 2007)


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