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2012 Predictions

Hi, Chris here from PBX Hoverboards and Powered Skateboards. I have restored this site because of my interest in future events, predictions and prophesies. My line of business is in hoverboards and powered skateboards and although that has nothing to do with 2012, the tie is my passion for both. I hope you enjoy this site and what has been gathered from the corners of the web.

Now we are all aware that many of the predictions about 2012 never happened, and hindsight is a great thing to have. We are all gifted with hindsight, but prior to 2012, there was a fascination with this year, so please take your time and explore the wonders of sensational information. Some things will make you laugh, but other things might make you ponder on what might have been.

This site is a directory of links to prophecies and predictions relating to the year 2012, no matter whether they relate to global catastrophes, changes of consciousness, or mundane predictions about science and economy. Which ones turn out to be correct will be revealed in the fullness of time ....

The aim is to provide signposting to other sites as simply and objectively as possible, and it is an ongoing work. If you know of a link which is not featured on this site, please let me know. The predictions could come from any source: spiritual, religious, scientific, political, economic, medical, astrological etc.

Any descriptions given in "quotation marks" are taken directly from the sites themselves.The author of this website is not responsible for any of the content contained in the websites to which it links.

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Note: The most recent additions to this site are added to the top of each page or relevant section, otherwise links to other sites are listed in no particular order of importance.

Some articles can no longer be accessed, either because the page has expired or the site no longer exists - these are noted.

At the end of the year 2012, all predictions recorded on this site will be reviewed to see if they were correct.

  Top photo NASA/CXC/MIT/
F.K.Baganoff et al.