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The Rocket to Luna!   " ... On December 21, 2012 11:11 am UTC, during the winter solstice as the Solstice sun will align with the Dark Rift in the Milky Way and form a Cosmic Cross, The Rocket To Luna Homepage and 144,000 websites are on a mission to outer space to the moon stored on a USB Flash Drive with an Angel on Ice Toast in a special time capsule! You can watch the entire voyage broadcasted LIVE right here at The Rocket to Luna homepage as it happens including detailed maps of the moon, dramatic and climactic EarthRise, footage of Apollo landing sites including Apollo 11, and live video broadcasted of the spacecraft as it lands on the lunar terrain. During this mission, you can tune into live shoutcast The Rocket To Luna radio! ..." (site accessed Mar 2010)

2012: Tipping Point - 23-25 July 2010, Vancouver  "In order to show the parallels between the ancient teachings of the Mayan Calendar and the Hopi Prophecy, we have invited John “Eesawu” Kimmey to join us in Vancouver for the 2012: Tipping Point Conference where he will explain the Hopi Prophecy and what it means for our near future ..." (site accessed Mar 2010)

Girl Talk plans apocalyptic final show " ... "I want this to end when I'm on top. So I'm planning my final show on December 21, 2012. It's when the Mayan calendar ends. It's the day when solids become liquids and liquids become plasmas," GT — a.k.a. mild-mannered Gregg Gillis — laughed. "So I'm building up to that — we've got four years — so maybe there's going to be a couple other small releases in the works ..." (site accessed Aug 2008)