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I am an experienced Shamanic Practitioner and channel regularly. However, I was NOT interested in Egyptian mythology, the Pyramids, or the 2012 Prophecies when these dreams started. However, I want to share them, in case the information later becomes important. Personally, I think my lack of interest in 2012 makes these dreams even more relevant.

I dreamed I was wandering in the mundane world, trying to find meaning and a place. My partner (in the dream, not reality) and I were met by a group of people. Partner was led away, much to my relief, while my Spirit Guide led me to a secluded group of people who welcomed me immediately as one of their own. I knew I had arrived home, where I belonged.

I dreamed of an underground pyramid structure, ancient and made of stone, but located beneath a modern-day suburb in the US (or possibly another Westernized country). I was told by my Spirit Guide that I came from there (as a former student) and belonged there now. I was distracted by the suburbs, but my Spirit Guide told me forcefully, almost angrily, that I had NO buisiness in this world. He blocked me with his body form being distracted by another couple and forced me out of a building, back to the underground Temple.

My Spirit Guide told me I had been marked from birth as a student of his. I looked down to find I had a tattoo of the Eye of Horus covering my body. (I'd never had any interest in Egyptology whatsoever. The next day, my best friend handed me a book about the Sirians and confessed her concern re: 2012. Very compelling timing).

DREAM FOUR (The most important, hence the exhaustive detail).
My partner and I were visiting an old (but thoroughly modernized and well maintained), lake-side house in a semi-remote, wooded area of Alaska, where we live.* The house was owned by an older, thoroughly educated and modernized, Native man. His family (who are, as far as I can tell, neither spiritual or shamanically-inclined) and some other new-age types live in the area around his home, although there was no reason to believe they were significantly connected (i.e. a commune). He urgently wanted to take my partner and I to an area past the surrounding, swampy flats.* His daughter and family were crying, begging him not to go, because the ice was too thin and we might break through. I got the impression they thought their dad's shamanic beliefs were silly, although (for cultural reasons, out of respect, no one actually talked about it).

The shaman, who appeared to be quite concerned and pressed for time, dissappeared for a while. After he disappeared, I began to have what I thought were hallucinations/siezures. I would feel as if I was vibrating, become disoriented, and after the first few "siezures," I began to see/hear/feel things that weren't there. (Partner, who is not shamanically inclined, was with me and seemed to sense nothing. I thought I was losing my mind). I noticed the Shaman left on a table in our room-- a small (6 in tall with a 5 in round base), beige (?marble or stone? I never touched it), conical device, with rounded edges and a large mayan/hieroglyphic symbol on on it. This would begin to vibrate a minute or so before my "hallucination" began. As the siezures became more frequent, I would also hear a pleasant tone while it vibrated, neither low nor high, almost soothing. At one point, I felt a small, heavy creature (perhaps) of some sort latch onto my back and hold on. (Looking back, its also possible my body was merely changing shape and that was felt as extra weight). I was terrified, but there was no pain. I heard some vague sounds, like the weight or someone nearby was speaking, but the sound kept cutting out and I couldn't make out the words. When I went to check the mirror, I could still feel the weight (it) holding onto me, but there was nothing there.

Partner decided to go off with some others and drive around. (I'm guessing he was bored-- I told him nothing). I stayed behind to meditate and try to relax throughout the changes/siezures/hallucinations. I was certain I would begin to see/hear the other things more clearly, as the "events" became more frequent. I felt as if I was manifesting into another reality and other "beings" were attempting to hold me there-- whether I should have been grateful or frightened, I'm still not sure. It was clear to me-- no one else felt the shifting. However, I could NOT ignore it-- the urge to be terrified was severe. But meditation and being alone seemed to help.

*For what it is worth, I think he may have been referring to an area I have dreamed of many times this year. There is a long flat expanse of forest full of bears and occasionally people. Behind that there is a pyramid shaped mountain where few people go. It is within long hiking and easy snow machine distance of town, although I imagine the area between to be very swampy and dangerous. There is something significant about the top of this mountain. Others have/do know about it and go there, although perhaps not in this time/dimension. ??? This mountaintop "settlement" (not sure why I feel this way-- I'm quite certain no one is there now and doubt the mountain even exists at all) overlooks a river. That river is their link to the outside world, which they utilize, but strive to remain secret from.

DREAM 5 I was hiking in a forest on the Coastline somewhere down south (Louisiana maybe). A klaxon sounded and my hiking partner (a local there) rushed me to evacuate. He/she said it was routine now, that the coasts there flooded periodically, but that it was becoming more and more frequent. He/she said it would eventually be completely underwater. I looked out at the urbanized skyline and was shocked to see how many structures would be lost in the flood.

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