F.K.Baganoff et al.

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I saw my home and a town where we Iive in 2012. I know only year, nothing about months or days.
As I have understood the situation was completely different in comparision what we have now.
All concepts of wealth and reach countries had changed. I saw all people in my town they had in their houses or flats refugees especially children from rich European states and they shared with them food, sleeping sites, blankets, clothes, everything because all public places were absolutely full.
We were watching with them news in some tv channel and the situation looked like normal or that those people had been getting used to this fact. But some of them looked shocked or better in after shock syndrome and permanently returned back to their personal wealth and social status what they had had or been before "the Wave".

What had happened - some series of great waves or tsunami had came across the Earth from the east of Kamchatka, Russia,Bielorussia, Poland,north of the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Britain and south of Scandinavia.They hadn´t the same broadness everywhere but were really huge about 250-300m high and washed away wealth, infrastructure and existing countries. Some places in high mountains stayed protected but isolated. After first series of "the Waves" other countries had tried to provide aid to national governments but later just people granted asylum to the refugees. All map of Europe suddenly had changed and less important countries had become very important because of land, unaffected zones or better "stripes" were playing enourmously important role.
That´s all. I know nothing about both Americas. I know nothing about months or days, I know only the year. English was widely spread, people were trying to speak with refugees English, less often German and they liked them.
Should you have any questions please ask.
from the Czech Republic

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