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The first dream I had when I was in 9th grade, I think it was a warning, or an implication of something relatively sinister. The Second one I think is a clip into the future, where I’m actually going to be in the future but the peopl places and things are subject to interpretation. Except I think the thre eyes in my palm part was an implication of accepting higher awareness.
I’m inside the room of a very old mansion, wood covers the walls and floors. I look right in front of me, and a blonde female in a business suit is showing me the fine detail etched in the wood of the staircase just behind her. It’s tall, but seems uninviting. The walls are white, but the brown of the wood is so dark it makes the white of the wall seem dark as well. All of the sudden, I’m walking through the kitchen with this female as she describes the age and history of the home. Beside me is my best friend, Megan. Noticing her curly blonde hair, tall slender physique, and light skin looks similar to the woman who’s showing me around the building. The main door to the kitchen opens, and entering is a group of people following a man in a business suit. Personally, I’ve never liked open houses. Megan and I follow our tour guide to the next room, which is the dinging room. There are many round tables with white tablecloths and their corresponding chairs sitting atop all over the massive room. All of the furniture is wooden.
"And this completes the tour! If you want, feel free to check out any part of the house you would like. Open house is all day!" Says our tour guide as she smiles and sprints off.
Megan and I stay at the open house for what seems to be the whole afternoon, being that her and I are finally in the backyard viewing the warm glow of the sunset. The backyard is enormous, but its covered in an endless amount of plant-life. Vines cover every inch of stone, weeds taller than six feet stick out of the land. However, next to me is a small swing set that too is covered in plants. The setting is lonely, but beautiful in its own special way. I notice the light dim as the sun sets farther into the earth, I look down at my feet where the vines wrap around the base of the swing set. The small flower buds start to open slowly all over the vine. I look around and all the vines are doing the same. But a sparkle in the corner of my eye catches my attention. Below at my feet, the inside of the flower bud flickers light. This seems very odd and arouses instinctual fear. I jolt straight up and back away a few small steps. Megan, who saw this as well, stood straight up off the swing set. The buds abruptly opened to reveal small flowers.
Suddenly, flickers of light and bursts of golden light pop everywhere like fireworks, but making no noise. And then a strong sense of fear came over me when I saw this. Instinctually, I knew that unknown, but very powerful entities surrounded us. Megan and I bolted for the door, which lead straight into the dining room area. We zipped past the tables and busted into the front hall, the front entrance to the house.
It was slightly packed, and everyone was chatting noisily. Then, out of the left corner of my eye, I see the magic flares of light again, however, everyone immediately starts screaming and running around. Everyone, including Megan and I, flocked for the front door. The doors were large enough to let multiple people out at once, but it still was not big enough to get us out timely. Eventually, Megan and I finally get out the door, but I have the gut feeling to go in an opposing direction.
"Go! I’ll be back soon! I have to do something important!" I yell, so she could hear me over the terrible and loud screams. She nods and descends on her own path as she runs for safety like everyone else. I look at the mansion, Its single story, but has no lawn or grass anywhere. I faintly remember running, but suddenly I was at a movie theater. It was my step-dad’s work. At the front kiosk, I see my step-dad. He is his usual self, a dark, tall and large man. He hands me a ticket and says take these. I looked at him and he continued to work, as if I wasn’t even there anymore. I put the ticket in my pocket and started to run back to the mansion. Shortly, I approach the building, all of the surviving people were evacuated completely from the building. I don’t know how I know this, I just do.
However, there are tons, and I mean tons of cops and their cars are out on the huge flat plot land right in front of the building. All of them with their guns drawn, aiming at the mansion. Then, I saw it. Floating high off the ground was a giant spirit of what could be thought of as a banshee. But it was massively huge and looked right at me.
Gunshots explode everywhere, the sound so loud that it scared me. I kneel to the ground and cover my ears while I watch the police fruitlessly shoot the being. It is unaffected, unscathed and very pissed. She swipes her claw-like hands through the air and destroys all of the guns, completely disarming the police. A sense of dread could be felt in the air instantaneously. Then she turns back to face me again.
Why is she looking at me?
Then I sense the intentions of attack, and she flies violently toward me, my instant reaction to put my face in my left arm and my right arm instinctively extends outward, my hand making the stop gesture. This happens in the span of only one-second, and for just a brief second, my own voice inside my head strongly says "Believe!"
An explosive loud BOOM and wave of invisible energy emits from my right palm with tremendous force. Hitting the entity dead on, her very own existence withers away like sand in the wind.
Again, silence.
Everyone looked at me, I was so stunned that I dropped straight to my knees. I’m in complete disbelief. Everyone around me starts to cheer and hug each other in excitement and relief. I’m so tired, so drained. Everything fades to black.
I open my eyes. I’m disoriented, but easily can recognize that I’m in my bed in my room, and it’s 11 in the afternoon.
I had another dream, however, this one really stands out the most to me, above all my other dreams to this day.
Megan and I were walking down an empty street, the whole block looked run down and abandoned. Her and I were very uncomfortable, apparently fearful. Of what, I wasn’t sure, until these black cloaked shadow-like figures emerge from all around us. There were about three or four of them, and they closed in on us fast, completely having me and her surrounded. They took our hands and tied them together with ropes and seat us in this floating disc contraption. It was obviously designed for hostages because her and I both could not stand up from the seats by some strange force.
I wake up, I’m on the floor of my living room, but I hear the sound of wind and light thunder. I look up, my modern living room, the same as it has been for years, had only the living room lamp on. Its dark outside, I assume its around 7:00 p.m.
I stand up and walk to my kitchen, which is attached to the living room, I feel a sharp pain in my right hand. I look to see what was the matter, and I am shocked to see three eyeballs embedded in my palm. One at the top and two at the bottom, and I hear my voice in my head. "They can see and hear everything I do." This thought frightened me, but for some strange reason I decide to extend my arm and hand slightly outward in front of me. I create an aura ball with that same hand, it glows bright golden yellow and I can feel its warmth. I intensify its strength by focusing more energy into it, being that I learned how to make them that previous summer. Then I can hear the sound of frying and I can feel burning in the areas that the eyes were at in my palm. It strengthened in intensity, and I fell to the floor holding my wrist with my left hand trying to continue to let my aura ball do its thing. I continue to watch my palm as the aura ball absorbs back into my hand slowly. It passes, and the eyes are gone, but I think I absorbed them into my body as well. I don’t know what I just did, but suddenly I knew I was no longer being watched. I head to my back door, which is in the kitchen as well, and I open up the shades to see outside. To my amazement and dismay, I discovered that m entire house is in what appears to be a huge force field or something. I run to my stairs and yell for my family.
No one.
I was home alone, and realized that I was sealed in. But I was confident that I could get out. I walk to my front door and walked outside to the small porch. In front of me was the other side of the whole force field, it was dome shape and sat completely over my home. I extend my right hand out to make the stop gesture again, and with willpower I unleashed that thunderous wave of energy once more. The dome shattered, but vanished gently before it could touch the ground.
Blackout again.
I realize that I’m in a stand-up pod. An oval window in front of me lets me see that there are many pods lined up against the walls of a round room. I freak out and react with screaming and pounding on the inner side of the door to the pod I’m in. I stop and think, I just pulled off that massive explosion of energy again, so would it be possible to do it again?
As before, I extend out my palm and I try, but nothing comes out. I try again, and still nothing. I sense urgency, and in desperation, I scream "NO!" for an extended time and find myself releasing large aura balls along with an extreme wave of energy much more massive than the previous ones. The door in front of me flew across the room and crashed against another pod.
Apparently, all the pods were severely damaged and I step out of the pod to see that in the heart of the room was a massive operating computer system that seemed highly advanced, that was too destroyed and obliterated with that force. Then moving my head further right, I see an enormous monster that was black and green all over. It had no feet or hands, but around 8 or ten tentacles that operated fully functional as hands and feet – possibly even more. It was a buldgy creature with no neck and seemed to ’stand’ upright. It was exhausted, apparently gasping for air and recuperating from my wave. It turned to me, and it was angry. I realize that the tentacles are much longer than I originally thought. Then I look at the ground. One of his tentacles has Megan in it, and I immediately want to know what he wants with her. Suddenly, he starts swaying and whipping his tentacles around to try to hit me. I successfully miss every single one of his swings and I start unleashing golden aura balls at him, which effectively makes him release her. He throttles his huge tentacles once more at me, and I duck. He missed. I take my immediate chance to send off one more wave of energy. And with all my might and luck, I hit him dead on. However, along with that, I destroyed the wall behind him and he flew out along with. I realize that I’m very high in the air because I can see the sky and no buildings. I chase along after to see if he fell, but what I saw shocked me. He was holding onto a bar that was built on the craft. He reminded me of Jabba the Hut, except he seemed way more dangerous and more alien.
Below him was a smaller aircraft, in which another being of his same type was inside. It had no windshield or cover at all, so when he positioned himself below and behind the dangling creature, it fell safely inside and they both vanished.
I turn behind me to see Megan gaining consciousness on the floor. The whole room, which I realized was a huge space craft, started to rumble.
Somehow, I brought her and I back down to the earth safely. I don’t remember how I did it, but that wasn’t my focus. Apparently ten more people, who watched everything from the ground’s perspective, surrounded us. They all were looking skyward, so I naturally looked to see the spaceship that I was just on was in flames in mid-air. The feeling of triumph was in the air, but I had the impression that there was much more that needed to be done, but as to what I didn’t know.
That morning I woke up, with an itchy sensation in my right palm that wouldn’t stop bothering me until I got out of bed.
Anyway, if you refer to REVELATIONS 7:2, read Chapeter 6
"The Seals" and read about the 6th seal. (Which is a prophecy)
"There was a great earthquake. The Sun turned black like sackloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The sky receeded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mouintain and island was removed from its place. Then the kings of the earth, the princes and generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave of every free man hid in caves among the rocks of the mountains."
I immediately translated this as what will happen to us in 2012. With all the planetary occurances and galactic shiftsand shifting of hemispheres, I think will cause the earth to literally spin out of place, therefore forever changing the position of where we once were in the galaxy. Simultaneously, this could bring on massive collisions to the earth with massive comets. But I sense that this is only the beginning of what kind of shock we will be pu through, for I believe that there is much more after this spin. I think it’s completely possible that we will be faced with a force that is foreign to us, but is frightening and intense. Such possibilities are a crossing of dimensions causing our world to pick up beings from who knows where. Possibly could be translated as satan, or even extra terrestrials. Whatever it may be, it will throw our beliefe structures out of whack, and people will go absolutely crazy from deep traume. Such intense trauma that it might force awakening into the surviving souls, (see references about the age of aquarius and the 6th chakra) and bring upon the 2nd evolution of man, the activation of DNA, something beautiful.

- Joe

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