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I've read some of the dreams on the website and It seams that my dream wouldn't be out of place. I've always wanted to share it,in case maybe there's some significance to other people , but didn't want to come off as a crazy person, so told it to a couple of my similar minded friends only. here it is.

Since I was a little girl a had a series of dreams. they had different scenarios but the same underlying idea: one world is ending and another beginning. I've never seen a large number of people in my dreams, but the feeling was always somehow monumental, as if those few represented everybody.since I was little I flew in my dreams. the feeling of rocking on the slide would start when I was still awake and then I'd fall asleep and the exploratory dreams of the surroundings began. So in these aforementioned dreams some decease would somehow affect the majority of people, and when I have to face letting myself getting infected or fleeing I would rise in the air and fly in search of a different world. it was a strange unsettling feeling.

My most powerful dream happened in 1994 while I was still living in Russia, long before everybody started talking about global warming and especially 2012. I've left Russia almost 14 years ago at 21, now I'm 35.

I was living on the hill with a few other people around me, when we started seeing dead black crow type birds outside. some time after that people started getting infected. their hair started to fall out leaving some pieces here and there. their movements became jerky, the way bird heads move, they were extremely agitated and sexually aggressive, but in a non personal kind of way, as if they weren't doing it out of lust, but rather to spread the infection. soon everybody was getting infected and I was tired fighting the attacks. as a parallel story line in the same dream, the strange plants started to appear first in a few places. they were tall , almost human size flowers with a huge flower heads in incredible colors. biologists started arriving to study them. what's the most interesting thing is that I lived in a Siberian region of Russia, and these flowers were closest related to some from the equatorial regions.
Then a wind appeared and everybody infected became very happy and even more agitated. the wind was growing stronger and stronger, somehow forcing everybody into a circle holding hands. I see us now above a body of water, like a very big indoor public pool with the tiled floor visible through the transparent surface of the water. now the tornado like wind is encircling us forcing us to hold hands and everybody is so excited. I try to pull my hands away from the grips of the neighbors and I can't. the wind doesn't allow me. the water surface starts violently churning becoming dark . I can not see the tiled floor anymore. with all my might I free my hands and fly away through the little window in the wall. I flew back into the pool shortly after that, but there's nobody. the water is still and the empty tiled floor is clearly visible.

I fly back outside. what I see now is the incredible view of the enormous flowers growing everywhere. I'm overcome with the feeling of happiness and lightness. I fly over buildings in search of people left, but there is nobody, literally no people , no bodies. I think to myself : I am the first woman Eve ( I'm not religious , but the story is well known), so there must be the first man. as I continue my flight I see a little 5 or 6 year old girl playing in an empty building . and I realize that it is her who is the first woman , and there must be a boy nearby. And sure enough, I see a little boy on the other side of that wall. the kids do not seem to see me, so I realize that I am a spirit.
the dream ends here. it was my final dream in a series of world ending scenarios. maybe it has no relation to any of the global events that have taken place or going to do in the future. somehow though it feels important to me.

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