Precognitions and Dreams

F.K.Baganoff et al.

This space is for the recording of individual predictions, precognitions and dreams about 2012. If you want to record a prediction, precognition or dream you have had, please email me.

Harry's prediction "Planet X has started making a noticeable change to our plant's natural weather pattern. The increase in earth's Geo. plates and weather activities will increase like never believed (Something that will effect all humans) July 7th, 2011 (7-7-11) and climax on Sept. 11th, 2011 (9-11-11). Then the rumors of Planet X's near 950,000,000 mile orbit to effect earth's gravitational pull, making the out-come of our future unknown. This will bring panic too all humans and the wickedness will Begins.
The full entering of Planet X and orbit exit will change the planet's Face forever and nations will disappear as though they never exited, then from the rubble, armies will rise to take over the earth. This is a enough depressing thought. Look around at the wild life, they know some-thing's going to change. There is a lot more, but all I can say I pray to god too help me through these days and guide me to help others if that is what he wills ... When the Nations that survive the terrible devastation, (Dominate Nations that have slaved their people for as long as time has been.) they have no more resources to rebuild, they will raise their armies to expand their global take over of the world. (Nov 2010)

2012 Earth Plane Shift " ... On Saturday March 13,2010 I suddenly felt myself writing and I had an opening of awareness at the top of my head. I really can’t remember what I was thinking of or doing before this happened except that I was sitting in front of my laptop with my website on the screen. This raw unfiltered communication with a higher godlike/angelic force is fairly new to my adult life and still surprises me. In communication with the higher level beings from the “dimension of pure love” they informed me of the 2012 world ending scare! This is the raw data so it may sound strange the way they talk…“Throughout your earthly plane of existence there has been/is/and will be continual shifts in what the human species perceive as earth time. This is important for the soul development of the human earth inhabitants and is already planned and known about before the souls enter into the physical. Yes this does coincide with the gravitational shift that is taking place because the human consciousness literally shapes the very earth plane it inhabits. Because of this gravitational shift you now have more super storms, earth quakes, tidal waves, more intense hurricanes and weather changes in general. The shift is necessary-you are all intertwined and have decided on a soul level for your now earth time to begin this major growth in soul consciousness. Not to worry, those working on and accepting a soul growth shift will be pleased and protected since they are more aware of and accepting this change ... (site accessed Oct 2010)

Stefania's dream My dream is sort of blurred, I'll describe it as best as I can: after having run and walked for days and days I finally find myself with a group of complete strangers in one of the only safe places left on is literally a square piece of land all fenced in with trees and grass all around, possibly on a mountain and we all squeeze in
together. Around us is death and destruction, possibly a war? I am told the end is near. A voice continues telling us that our only hope is to repent repent. I am shocked that my daughter (who will be 4 in 2012) will have lived such a short life and won't be able to live any longer. She is with me and I hold on to her tightly. My husband is nowhere in sight. I am told that those who died before 2012 were lucky enough to
have avoided this destruction and this end. We are all gathered together, it is dark, we are frightened and we are awaiting , but I don't know what. This dream for some reason takes me back to another dream I had when I was a child, but that still torments me: there is a war going on, I am at home, soldiers dressed in black uniforms and black helmets break down my door, they have long black shiny rifles in their hands, I also have a rifle like theirs and I manage to kill a few and escape. It was the end
of the world and I was fighting to resist. (Oct 2010)

Francis' prediction    What I and a few local theiologians have come to conclude is 2012 will usher in a new consciousness, one which will include a calamity of war or natural disaster. But like many religions many people will be called back home! This we feel in both rhetorical and physical. Many we feel will leave for the country of their origin. Irish back to Ireland, French back to France and so on. But many will embrace the true religion which is no religion but a method of thanking their God for what they have and to replenish and recycle all that thay use. This could not be a bad thing but given any catacyism there will be human casualties and what remains will have the lands and resources to make a good go-of-it! (Sep 2010)

Jaso's dream   Just a note I am not religious (I am one of the confused bunch that doesn't know what to believe in) So my dream has some things in common with Jamie's dream. Here it goes. I wake up its a bright sunny day my wife is cooking and kids are playing. I eat give my wife a kiss on the forehead and tell her every thing will be fine. I call my children over they both give me a hug and beg me to come home early since its our last day together. I tell them we will never be apart. All of a sudden its dusk and the sky is blood red. I make my way home by this time its pitch black outside and raining. Now my wife and kids are rushing in to the vehicle and scream for me to drive. Now me and my family are walking in to a church. As I walk in to the church I see friends and relatives. My wife grabbed my hand and said here he comes the speaker of truth. A group of hooded members walk in. In the middle of this group is man in crimson and gold garbs. He pulls back his hood and reveals his face.(Ironically its my best friends father) He walks to me and shakes my hand and tells me not to be scared the pain will be over.He also says Mars and the foreign blue titan will free us all from our unworldly torment. As he started to say prayers the doors to the church doors swung open,I run to go close them and I see a huge red is mars.
I close the doors and rejoin my family and I start to cry. I hear Mr.Tim..Father Tim. He says "The red mother has arrived and aligned her self with the stars." "Now we just wait for the blue titan to join our red mother and all of our suffering will end." "Rejoice int the name of our father." I start to get this feeling in my stomach that every thing is fine but its a scared calming feeling. I kiss my wife and children and tell them I love them and that for now is our time.I glance over and look out of the windows a huge blue and white glowing sphere. It is traveling directly at mars it collides and all of a sudden I hear a explosion and then a flash of white.It seems as time has stopped. I hear the noise of a crystal clanking on the ground and then the noise of it shattering.I am floating in a bright white void. I hear a voice tell me its all over and to return to them for they are waiting.I open my eyes I see my wife,children,friends and family members (even those who have passed on in my life) all in white robes and burlap sandals. I take a deep breath and say we made it. I have had many dreams in my life but none of this caliber. When I woke up from this dream I told my wife and cried and so did she. I never felt that connected to something in my life. And for this to have the ability to cause me to break down in tears blows my mind. (Aug 2010)

Mike's prediction Our lives as the way we know it will be completely shattered and it will be the economy to blame. We are headed for the greatest depression ever experienced by mankind. It will consist of massive unemployment which will lead to famine, crime, wars, and anarachy. Civilized nations will become very quickly uncivilized and it will mean every man for himself. Companies will all go broke starting with the smallest ones first straight up to the largest one's in the world. Currency will have little if any value and gold will skyrocket. Governments will lose control and complete chaos will dominate. Strong countries will takeover weaker one's. People will perish in mass numbers and those who prepare and protect will hopefully survive. This prediction has come to me from a greater source of which I do not know. As I get more details I will email you again. Please post this on your website to make others aware about what is already happening is going to get a whole lot worse. (July 2010)

Joe's dream My dreams are story like and continue all night. They are inter dimensional and predict very hard times coming soon. Solar Flares and power outages will invoke social chaos and governmental upheaval. The power mongers will use crisis to gain more power. Martial law will be declared. Tent cities and barbed wire will house most of the "troublemakers and anti government freedom fighters" All weapons and guns will be confiscated. Soldiers will shoot on sight looters and any riots will be quelled with vicious reprise. Cannibalism will be common. This will ensue for years. Red nights, bloodied nights, screams and disease. Not fun at all ... For at least the last ten or so years I have been feeling like things are changing. I have shrugged it off as getting old, tired and change of life but no it's not those things. I didn't know of 2012 until maybe six years ago and I as probably many others didn't take it seriously. But as much as I've tried to debunk it, I cannot. My gut tells me it's real and today I feel the changes more than ever. The dreams are my subconscious "third eye". I can "see" through people, that is tell immediately if they are genuine or not.
Yes, the dreams do relate to 2012 and the immediate years following. I also believe that our DNA is being changed giving us the power to feel the things we do. I believe that as we enter closer to the galactic equator, there are forces that influence our spiritual and good as well as our dark nature and bad. In essence, those who are good in spirit will evolve and become able to adapt to whatever happens and those who are of bad intent will become worse and be condemned to exist with others of like. Sounds almost like Heaven and hell doesn't it? (June 2010) joe's email address published at his request for anyone who would like to discuss this:

Geir's prediction " ...The Lord's Day comes after the sun has become red. According to science that will not occure for many billion years! Before that there shall be 1000 years with peace, ruled by Cosmos on Planet Earth ..." (June 2010)

Moira's dream (excerpt)  " ... an area I have dreamed of many times this year. There is a long flat expanse of forest full of bears and occasionally people. Behind that there is a pyramid shaped mountain where few people go. It is within long hiking and easy snow machine distance of town, although I imagine the area between to be very swampy and dangerous. There is something significant about the top of this mountain. Others have/do know about it and go there, although perhaps not in this time/dimension. ??? This mountaintop "settlement" (not sure why I feel this way-- I'm quite certain no one is there now and doubt the mountain even exists at all) overlooks a river. That river is their link to the outside world, which they utilize, but strive to remain secret from." For the rest of this dream, click here (May 2010)

Anna's dream (excerpt)  " ... I was living on the hill with a few other people around me, when we started seeing dead black crow type birds outside. some time after that people started getting infected. their hair started to fall out leaving some pieces here and there. their movements became jerky, the way bird heads move, they were extremely agitated and sexually aggressive, but in a non personal kind of way, as if they weren't doing it out of lust, but rather to spread the infection ..." For the rest of this dream, click here (April 2010)

Crystal's dreams I am a Psychic Medium, I have been doing it professionally for a number of years. I Had my first appocolyptic dream in Ireland in 2007. It was a dream of a massive massive tsunami washing over most of the world. The first night I had it, I just saw the wave, the second night I had the same dream, I saw a map of the world and watched the water rise and cover 80 percent of the world. The third night in a row I had the same dream I saw the places that were safe in the world. They were all the mountanous ranges across the globe. I was deeply traumatized by this dream and I moved back to Canada. The spirit guides in my dream gave me a specific time and date, it was December 21st 2012 at 11:11am. Now there's a phenominon happening all over the world of people seeing the numbers 11 11 all the time. That is also the time that the mayan calendar ends. Now, I didn't know any of this until after my dreams I did research and was very shocked because I thought my dreams were a metaphor but I know that they were prophetic.
I had another set of three dreams in three nights in a row. There were light beings they were alien or something. They know about the waves and about the war and they are here to help. They will appear when the waves come.
Okay the final set of dreams are very disturbing to me and I am still processing them. so again three nights in a row, I've seen major death and destruction from war and famine. The powers that control the world are dark and sinister and they want to get rid of a large portion of the population. They do not seem human as they have no empathy and thrive and flourish off of war and negativity. Many many people are killed in concentration camps most for no real reason they are "witch hunted" and rounded up and shipped to these places and gassed. It's exactly like world war II but it starts now. The facist American leaders somehow manage to declare a military state and pass a bill through congress making pretty much everything illegal. From growing you own food to excercising freedom of speech and then the uprising begins. All this begins in 2010. First the food is controlled and then the money is taken away and then people are "witch hunted" for objecting to government policy and total control.
The future is good though, I know this all sounds so awful, but we must understand that the two forces of positive and negative are always balanced so there will be a balancing of this negativity.
One more thing that's very important to know is that the soldiers that are involved eventually realize that this is so wrong and they all stop fighting and the time of peace and major advancment in technology and sustainability begins. The waves will be a significant part of this. We as a species will actually get some outside help from the light beings that have been in contact with many of us. Apparently they are the same ones who are making these crop circles. One more thing is that Shaman and healers and psychics all over the world are having dreams about the WAVES. So if you've been having dreams about it, you are NOT alone. And FEAR manifests negative vibrations and gives way to negative experiences. Remember that this lifetime is just one of many and letting go of fear and knowing that we do not live forever and that we will be exactly where we are meant to be when the time comes, so trust in the universe and let LOVE guide your soul, it's the only thing you take with you when you go.

Val's prediction   Starting about 2 years ago great men and woman made their presents known to some people that will have some influence and may help in the coming events relating to 2012. What is going to happen is a division of thinking that will go unnoticed to many. This division will first effect politics and governments. And cause great concern on the planet. Over the course of many years the division will bring the needed change to move into a more complete world. Paving the way for the new human. On the mundane, geographic movement. On the spiritual, many changes, new thought will be applied to the old ways. January 2010

Joel's prediction   I read a bit of your entries on your site and wanted to throw in my two cents. I believe (predict, feel, have a warm fuzzy, what have you) that there will be absolutely no catastrophic events, revitalizations, or a better consciousness what so ever. This will be just another date on the calendar for people to put an “X” through at the start of the next day. Most predictions come from the Mayan calendar which shows an end on or around 22 December 2012. This, in my opinion, could simply be that they ran out of stone to write on. I mean, imagine writing in stone during a turbulent time where there is war abound. You could see how one would either rush it or simply not create enough.

What I do believe, as well, is that there are enough paranoid, religious, worrying, clinically insane people in this world that the lot of them will start a mass hysteria which will bring about a large amount of looting, killing, raping, pillaging, and so on.There have been plenty of predictions about the end of the world that, as far as I’m aware of, haven’t come to fruition. If people would just stop, fart, and clear their minds out for a moment they’d be better for it.

With all this said, I do feel that people need to take the necessary disaster precautions. Have batteries, flashlights, sleeping bags, canned food, utensils, and other items that will make it easier for them to survive in the event a natural disaster occurs (I’m typing this from Oklahoma aka Tornado Alley). This part is just good sense which most overlook until they’re knee deep in a s—t sandwich and about to take a big bite. January 2010

Badarinath's dream   I was in a small boat with a tribal oaring in a vast expanse of water. There was nothing other than blue water and dark bluish sky. The tribal who was with me looked like one from an oriental country. I could vaguely recollect the name Cambodia and the year as 2012. As we kept traveling we reached sand dunes where I saw my family with virtually no shelter at all. Thankfully all were alive. I got down the boat and on another distant sand dune I saw a few African lions chasing wild donkeys. In another area we saw small bunkers with men stacking food items. There was no rain or typhoon or tsunami but still blue water was seen all over as if everything was submerged. I got up from my sleep all of a sudden.
The dream was a bit perturbing as I had earlier dreamt of collapsed buildings and dead bodies, with my uncle & I sitting under a broken wall, a month before the 9/11 attacks of 2001!! I feel that earth may not be destroyed completely, but a substantial loss of land mass is going to occur in 2012. January 2010

Chloe's dream  i started having these dreams at the start of 2009, ever since i was spirtually enlightened, I've been receiving vivid dreams, the type ones that stand out. The very first one i had was me sitting in a hot country watching a sunset, then suddenly a white flash of light, like a nucleaur explosion. Afterwards me and my brother are walking through huge piles of concrete rubbles, we pass alot of people in carravans with stocked up food. The second one Again i was on a beach..again a flash of white light, and the sea turns really rough, and a huge USA ship sails in...... Third one, I was watching a short video on a phone or something, and it was the mayan temple exploding, but like a bomb a nuke. I also see three children burning to death, just like terminator 2 when she is screaming at the kids in the park, and suddenly its just a huge flame and they melt it was like that. Recently i get alot of dreams about floods and water. My most recent is im on a boat with a group of other people, and its a rough seas and we fish out a dead body. These dreams dont scare me, I know we're going to have a huge change in the future I can feel it, a change for good, a cleansing of the world. its the end to a new beginning and an amazing beginning! December 2009

Thomas's dream: My dreams have been occuring since I was in high school and each passing year the dreams get stronger and more vivid. The first series of dreams deal with tornados. Huge storms will occur during odd times of the year and cause much destruction and death. The second series of dreams deal with tsunamis and dead sea life washing up onto costal shores. People will make efforts to save sea life but, the event is too overwhelming for people to reverse the loss of endangered sea life. The third series of dreams deal with solar flares or what I call "The Great Fire". Cities will be burned and gray ash will hang in the air. There will be no sunlight for months and people will live in a gray world with no blue skies. "The Great Fire" will come across fields of green and burn the farmer's skin off. People will be sitting in their burned out cars with their skin hanging from their bodies (still alive). This series of dreams is most upsetting and I have awakened from my sleep in cold sweats.
The final dream deals with the death of United States Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus. His death seems to symbolize many deaths to come in our world. November 2009

Jamie's dream: My dream situates around a great celestial event to occur in 2012. The coming galactic alignment is responsible for suppressing sun spot activity and for changing gravitational and magnetic fields in our connected dual galaxies. Upon this great alignment, a merging of two galactic arms from two galaxies coincides with a slow redistribution of celestial matter where the rate of distribution accelerates at a point of intersection due to the inherently different velocities between the arms. This point of intersection causes the planet Mars to appear as large as the moon in the night sky due to strong shifts in magnetic and gravitational fields. As the point of intersection starts to expire, on this day, another planetary body also becomes visible on the horizon, a very large royal blue planet with spectacular shades of white; it looks like Uranus, but, it is clearly an ice planet. The ice planet somehow appears to have been catapulted towards the sun in an adjacent orbital path with Mars at this celestial intersection. The immense mass of the ice planet causes Mars to start rapidly accelerating towards it. While watching the horizon, it seemed like it all was all happening in slow motion. The large blue ice planet appeared still in the night sky while Mars slowly accelerated across the horizon towards it. As Mars is being consumed, the ice planets color noticeably darkens, and next, it can be seen that a flash of light appears to start radiating from the impacted area of the blue planets surface. After about 2 to 3 minutes the horizon on earth begins to light up like Christmas time; except, the light is bright yellowish in color. Intense straight beams of light, similar to laser flashes, begin racing across the sky, vaporizing most objects upon contact. The only shelter I could find was an underneath section of a parking garage. These beams were so intense it appeared as if able to pass through concrete. I was able to determine that these beams reflect at sharp 90 degree angles, however, the beams could not reflect indirectly from such objects as concrete. Not many survived this event who could not seek shelter in time. Following the intersection, the earth began a new closer orbit and axis around the sun, including rapid climate changes. The blue ice planet took its victim, Mars, and over a short time went back to where ever it came from. Eventually our solar system realigned itself, minus Mars. Earth gained some new resources probably due to debris from the Mars impact.

That was one of the craziest dreams I ever had and was in August 2009. My last crazy dream was about hurricane force without rain or wind and cars falling off bridges; the only thing I knew for sure was that it would happen on the coast of the USA. Later I learned, I was actually describing the San Francisco earthquake of 1989, and, a day before this event I warned my parents to avoid the East or West coast during their RV trip to the USA; additionally, 6-hours before it happened, I begged them to go somewhere else. They got kind of freaked out and choose to go to Las Vegas first instead of their planed coast trip. I had never felt that strongly or compelled to speak as before… Today, I feel compelled speak once again.

What I had seen happening in my dreams is abstract to what really will happen. My latest dream is certainly a planetary collision of some kind that significantly affects us here on earth by resulting rays of hazardous yellowish light and planetary alignment changes. November 2009

Leslie, a message from the Lord, Jeus Christ: "The Lord, Jesus Christ, has sent the Holy Spirit to me and has made known these dates just as he made known dates to Jeremiah. History will repeat itself in a new nation and a great circle will be completed. In 2011 on the 25th day of the 12th month (Christmas) the world will be plunged into religious war. The New Jerusalem will fall at the hands of Babaylon. On the 10th day of the 10th month (October 10th, 2011) the great famine will begin. It will last (war) with famine until the 9th day of the 4th month. (April 9th, 2012). On the 10th day of the 5th month (May 10th, 2012) something will happen but it was not revealed to me what that is. It will not matter what we do for a living. Draw near to your family and gather your faith." November 2009

Christopher's dream: "I know how this is going to sound like some rambling fool who believes they are prophetic but I asure you I am not. I am just a normal person who has just happened to have some unusual dreams and most of them I dismiss. But I recently had a dream and a week later certain events took place that were directly linked to my dream and it involved someone i love very much and I had the chance to change some things but as a non believer i failed, that was very emotional for me. Since then I have been rethinking things and remembering one dream in particular which has led me to your site in search of how i could change something this time and not fail again.

I dreamed that i was praying to GOD to let me know when I would die that I didnt want to go unexpectedly and instantly there was an open bible placed infront of me blank. Numbers began to appear on the page in addition from. the ending total equaled to the age i will be in 2012 and for some odd reason i knew it instantly i didnt even have to count the years of my age or remember the years i just knew when i saw the numbers that 2012 would be the day the world ended.

I know this sounds insane which is why I havent told anyone except for family since the dream about 3 months ago. But when those events took place two days ago I knew that this was my only other chance to change something and not fail again so I began to research and I found this. So do with this what you may but I will continue to try and get my story out... I refuse to fail again. November 09

Hurricane Michael "What will ‘Hurricane Michael’ bring to the shores of Florida in the year 2012, geographical coincidence, or certain judgment? In March, 2005, my son, without telling anyone went to Florida. His objective was to rescue Terri Schiavo. In July of that same year, he turned 21 in a cold and lonely Clearwater jail cell, where, among other things he was made to sit in a chair for 25 hours straight, and like Terri, went without food himself for 7 days. In his bitterness and in his desperation, he prayed that God would send a storm to where he was ..." (site accessed Oct 09)

Kenwin: "the beginning of destruction on the earth start in the year 2010 and there shall be multiple destruction all over the earth beginning in Europe with a sudden eruption of a volcano, and all saw i was burning building and smoke filled the air and there was no where to run for the inhabitants of Europe and i saw children crying in the streets and people lost to a world that was Alpha and Omega.The skies was darken over Europe and day suddenly became night and half the world was in darkness. 2010 will be the beginning of destruction .We are own worst enemy we created our destruction our ability to destroy is greater than our ability to create ... The levy are gonna break again,and once more the city will be underwater, for mother nature will unleash great destruction upon the city of carnival." October 2009

Olivia: In the year 2012 Manhattan will set off another terrorist attack that will set off attack. July 2009

Al: At 2:30am on July 1, 1986 I believe the Lord Jesus Christ awakened me and told me to get up take a pen and paper and write down all He would tell me. He told me 6 things that would happen in the future. The first 4 things have happened or are presently happening. 1: The prophet that builds houses of luxury, lives in luxury, builds not my church [the body of Christ], him I will reveal all his sins to the whole congregation [all who know him] and bring him down and he will not rise again to the height he has risen today. 2: I will send true prophets to those in ministry who are caught up in sin to warn them to repent. Those who repent I will forgive and they will continue in ministry. Those who refuse to repent will die of heart attacks, strokes, and of the consequences of their sins [ie, diseases such as AIDs, viruses, etc.] 3: There will be riots 100 times worse than the riots that took place in the 60's all around the world and blood will flow in the streets. 4: An economic collapes will take place first in America and over night spread around the world. [This will not end any time soon.] 5: A great earthquake will take place in America with great destruction and thousands will die. 6: Missiles will come from the north, the south, and from the east upon America and millions will die and much of America will be destroyed followed by an invasion, but I will send a great host of angels to assist the remnant to push the enemy from the land and back into the sea.
This remnant will bring gifts and worship me in Jerusalem. In addition, I saw an angel more than 30 feet tall pour out a brown liquid upon the earth in a dream in December 1987 and two very large hands floating over the earth. Recently, My daughter had a dream which was interpreted to mean that in the 8th month in the year 2012 a great change would take place within the church [the body of believers in Jesus the Christ]. Three times Sept. 1979, Jan. 2, 1991, Oct. 2000, I believe it was Jesus who told me that I would not see death but see Him coming in the clouds and in Oct. 2007 told me I had 5 years left. I believe this means that I will see Him coming in the clouds in the year 2012 for His people. The world is not going to end for Jesus is coming to rule the earth for a thousand years then the earth will end. July 2009

Anon: I was just reading about people's dreams on your site, and I have to say, I have had 2 dreams in the last 6 months about tsunamis hitting the East coast of Canada (I am in Nova Scotia) In both of the dreams I am up high in a building and can see the wave coming - I scream to the people I see below, either on the beach in my first dream, or on the waterfront of Halifax in the second, but no one can hear me. I am ok, but there is a lot of devastation. The season in my second dream was winter, as I could see snow everywhere, and it was in the morning ...

The second dreams I have had (2 of them in the last 6 months) have to do with the Chinese taking over ... (if I sound xenophobic then I apologize, I can't help what I dream) The first one was my friends and I were being rounded up to go to a concentration camp, we tried to escape but were found. The second was that I was being arrested for being a spy, but in this one I was actually in China, I think I was an English teacher. I managed to escape and when I woke I was trying to find the Canadian embassy.

A psychic I know told me that all of the environmental and world unrest is just the unrest in our minds and hearts manifesting in the world. Another psychic I know told me that she really believes that humankind is going through a spiritual evolution, and that we as a whole will have an awakening and the earth will benefit from our new elevated consciousness. (I'm going with her opinion, otherwise I will worry myself sick)

Either way, people, we have to make every day count, treat them all like a gift. July 2009

Jeremy's dreams "I've had quite a lot of dreams over the years that seem to be predictions of things to come; I'll tell you about them and they aren't in any particular order. Firstly, I dreamed of a huge war that seemed to take place in Europe, I saw hundreds of troops in UN uniforms under attack in an alpine town, Germany or Austria maybe. I couldn't really tell who was attacking them but they didn't seem to be doing well. I was in amongst the fighting and we were waiting for one final massive air raid to hit us, it was going to come from the east which was important in the dream. Next I returned to Edinburgh (my home town) to settle down. While at work in an office I didn't recognise, I went outside to investigate a large roaring noise that could be heard. From out of the west (ie inland) a tidal wave at least 5 meters high, came rushing down the River Forth. This seemed to indicate something bad had happened in the Atlantic and caused a tidal wave big enough to cross Ireland, the Irish Sea, sweep over Glasgow and still have the power to push 5 meters of water across to Edinburgh. I barely managed to get to high ground in time and many people died. I managed to find some friends and we lived for a while in the upper stories of an apartment block as the streets were flooded. The dreams then skipped forward an undetermined period of time and I was in Edinburgh alone. I was standing in Princes Street by the Walter Scott monument looking at a deserted city, there was some destruction of buildings but nothing massive, it seemed more like age induced damage. It was totally quiet and peaceful and I didn't feel sad or scared that there was nobody around, it felt right. The lack of damage made me think that some sort of disease had killed all the people. I then met up with a group of fellow survivors and things got very nasty, lots of deaths and violence, the true decent of man into another dark age. These dream also contained images of natural disasters around various parts of the world, especially a very vivid dream of Vancouver in Canada being destroyed by a volcanoe or earth quake of massive proportions, the result of Yellowstone blowing its lid or the fault line beside Vancouver Island finally popping? There were also images of vast fires and of buildings (which I was in ) being slowly surrounded and covered by lava (I woke up in a sweat after that one, a particulary life like dream). All in all the dreams seem to point to bad times ahead. I've had some of these dreams several times over the years, before and since I learned about the Mayan predictions." June 2009

22 World events 2007-2012   "1. The end of war.
2. The equity of wealth.
3. The mass landings of our star family.
4. The flipping of the earth poles to cleanse mother Earth.
5. The end of cell phone microwave towers, am/fm radio stations and
ALL harmful radiation ..." (site accessed June 2009)

Dawn's dream   "My dream was that the Florida Keys was devastated by a natural disaster (tidal wave) in the year 2012. I can't remember the date or month but the year was firmly fixed in my head when I woke up and I could recall the absolute devastation, destruction and death it caused. I googled the year because of how vivid it was and was really surprised to see that many other people have had such awful dreams. I truly hope it doesn't come to be." May 2009

Athosiana's insight   " ... before 2012 comes world war 3. everyone able gets called into battle for world dominance ... there is gonna be some wild weather and something large like a planet or a fireball hits us and melts most of the planet. maybe the yellow stone national park volcano explodes and sets off the other volcano's. but in my dreams i saw millions of people burning to death. and then everything goes dark and cold. thats when the rain comes ... " (site accessed May 2009)

World Psychic  Many separate predictions relating to the years between 2008 and 2012 (site accessed Feb 2009)

2012 in my third eye  Ever since the year 2001, I've been receiving the most vivid and intense visions of the events in the year 2012 ... Prairies are only good if there's mountains between them and the ocean. Highlands would be your best bet though. Places with glaciers and fresh streams would be the best place. Siberia would be a good place too. The Russian empire will be dominant when the USA is fried by the sun (or possibly two suns if Planet X is a brown dwarf) ..." (site accessed Feb 2009)

Antoniu's message
Is there anybody to hear my message gave us by an angel ... my son Antoniu 11, can see and talk with angels, from Easters, and they told us about the end of time, and what we must do to be kidnapped to heaven, as nobody escapes after Nibiru and asteroids, and all those cataclisms are coming on Earth, from Dec 2012 ... Only those 7000 chosen, will see then Jesus coming on the cloud in the sky ... The angel answered to all our questions, about Jesus life, where he lived, about Roswell, Geneva experiment. And about the special prayers they gave us to translate for all the ppl who wants to be saved to heaven ... Only after all these cataclisms, the Antichrist appear, so only for those chosen, he comes special to take them in temptations, with his offer, as there remain nothing on earth, not a place to live, or food ... but angels said, we must resist three more days, then Jesus come and destroy the Satan and his ppl...The angel tells us how to eat in order to become cured of our illness, how to pray and to do good things, to be able to see the heaven ... why they choose us? Simply, they said we are the descendants of the first priest Jesus made in the year 32 ... as we always have a priest in our family since then, and we did the liturgical duty, the same as Jesus teached us in 32 ... Be blessed. December 2008

Aaron's prediction
I predict that many significant things will happen before December of 2012. We as human beings will see these relating to the "End of Days" time frame. Of all of these occurrences, I feel the one that will have the most substantial impact on our world-community is, the 'Fall' of the Roman Catholic Church. It will not cease to exist but it will be changed forever. The change will come in a few small yet important admissions by the Vatican regarding Christ history. It will not only change forever our beliefs and feelings toward the church but toward Christ, as well. Prepare for a stunner... It's coming in the not so distant future. December 2008

Kasmira's Dream
I will tell you my dreams. I always know my visions and prophetic dreams
because they are so realistic that when i wake up i wonder if i was
dreaming about waking up. All the senses are prevalent in my dream. Not
one, but all of them. My dreams have been known to come true down to the
place and time, but only if they were repeated 3 times, no more, no less.

The first dream I had was too realistic to be a normal dream. I was
watching a comet come down upon the sun, and the sun glowing brighter than
before. My sights went to earth, and the planet was slowly changing. This
dream seemed to be in fast forward, days going past in seconds. On the
earth were many hurricanes. They were covering places where hurricanes had
never been before. Huge storms moved across the land, wreacking havoc so
horrible it could be seen from my viewpoint in space. A womens voice was
speaking in the background, talking about the longest nights upon us, in
days and in life. She spoke of the number 2012, which is how I got the
winter solstice in 2012. Humans were destroyed in flashs, dying in
seconds, but not from the hurricanes. My viewpoint moved closer to earth,
and i was in the clouds over the central US. Time slowed down, and I saw
people pointing at the sky, and screaming. Something fell onto the earth,
and a bright flash of light came. A circle of destruction surrounded where
the light struck. The circle encompassed much of the country. I had this
dream two more times, but the wmen spoke of even greater dangers each
time. The suns end, the moon falling, falling stars growing larger than
normal, and death widespread. The last dream came a week ago, and i
decided to describe this dream to you when i saw your site. All we need to
know is watch out, in one ay or another. December 2008

Heidi-Lore   " ... What I have primarily seen is that there is going to be massive flooding. From what, I am not sure ...I would like to set up a community in Ontario so we can be safe ..." (site accessed Aug 2008)

Bojzie's dream
I had a 3 dreams in different time...the first one was big flood was covering the entire face of the earth,i felt it was true..because i was frighten of that scenario i taught it was the last day of my life........and the other one was like a vulcanic eruption..but i'm not so sure if it was came from volcano...because every step i make there's a fire or lava...
and the last one....some people were climbing in one place i think it was a stairway to heaven...they align in that stair trying to get there in stair up to heaven....i hope this dream will wake up your mind what is happening today that could led to earth destruction or human destruction......

Paulo's prediction
Basely solely in my dreams I foresee the following
A major conflit happens around 2009-2010 and there is major social upheavel in the civilized countries (economic crisis!!).This starts in spring 2009 and unfolds through 2010. By 2012 there is a peak of solar storm and a spiritual event happens but nothing extraordinary is seen by many. Solely a few new age people feel now more conected, and thus that a spiritual shift had really happened! That will be later revealed to be true. Many will be away from the cities to pass that year winter solstice.
There may be some major nuclear tension, hopeful no or just a few nukes (in middle east). probably extreme weather and one or two tidal waves. In 2013 the world will be different, there will be a small climatic shift (colder), some few major cities will cease to exist (either caused by war or tidal waves) and by 2020 i see that before there was such a economic depression that there is little economic activity, very few cars and a renewed spiritual interest by most people. People will start gathering more and more in rural communities afterwards.

Ricky's dream
I had this dream a while ago, but it has stayed with me ever since. I had never heard of these 2012 events at the time of this dream.

'I was in a caravan overlooking a sea loch, me sister who had been dead for 8 years with was me, she did not talk to me, we were just standing looking out of the window to the view, it was night time. There was then a sound of what I can only explain as an explosion which seemed to come in from far far away and in the sky, as the sound got louder there was a flash, as in an atomic explosion, then it all went dark and silent, the stars had gone, my sister had gone, everything had gone and I was still standing there looking at nothing.'

I text a friend later in the day and told her about this dream, my friend is very into the spiritual world and immediately told me that I had seen something very special, that is still to come!. She also mentioned the 2012 events, as I said I had never heard of these events. It has taken a while, but I thought I would share this dream with you, does it mean anything, is it linked to the 2012 events!!.

Linda's message
I was a real skeptic of people who say that the world is coming to an end, until I was told by God or whom ever it was, that I would see one of the most catastrophic event ever witnessed by the world on; Dec. of 2012. Now what did this voice mean when I heard that?? The voice didn't say. Just told me that something the earth has never seen was going to happen then. So, the question is, "Do I believe it?" Yes I sure do! I have been from that day on a Spiritual journey of my own. Life changes like I would have never imagined are occurring in my life. All of them are good at this point and enlightening to say the least. March 2008

Estania's Prediction

This has been brooding on my mind for some time now..
I have had several prophecies relating to the year 2012 and none of them have been good news. First of all, expect mother nature to let loose. By this I mean to expect large multiple eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. I believe America is in most danger however the climate everywhere else will change dramatically. This will be the day of the apocalypse. Those who survive, and yes they will be a lot, will see a new world. This catastrophic disaster will help reduce the rise in temperatures to the ozone layer by 4 or 5 degrees. March 2008

Ohm: I am a skeptic of pre-cognitive abilities, but I have had several dreams that have accurately predicted several future events to the degree of 100%. The last one dream was the most striking because because it showed a CNN- like news report which had the exact date scrolling at the bottom: month, date, and 2012. It did display the month and day, but when Iwoke up my memory only could specifically recall the year (2012).

The news report consisted something similar to an instantaneous disaster on the eastern coast of the USA. Some thing along the lines of tsumanii (my other 2012 dreams consist of tsumanii or sudden flooding scenario) or a sudden impact triggering a shock wave that is literally unescapable. I also feel there is no warning because I see
crowds of panicking people in a highly citified area literally frozen in fright--and instantaneously wiped out as in a blink of the eye.
May 2007

Dreams on this site (excerpts - click link to read more)

Julia's dream   " ... some series of great waves or tsunami had came across the Earth from the east of Kamchatka, Russia,Bielorussia, Poland,north of the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Britain and south of Scandinavia.They hadn´t the same broadness everywhere but were really huge about 250-300m high and washed away wealth, infrastructure and existing countries ..." Nov 2007

Joe's dream  " ... I think it’s completely possible that we will be faced with a force that is foreign to us, but is frightening and intense. Such possibilities are a crossing of dimensions causing our world to pick up beings from who knows where. Possibly could be translated as satan, or even extra terrestrials. Whatever it may be, it will throw our beliefe structures out of whack, and people will go absolutely crazy from deep trauma ..." Nov 2007

Dreams on other sites

Mourning after tomorrow   A series of visions and dreams, including those relating to 2012, which the anonymous author calls the "Year of Awareness". " ... several events will occur over the period of one year that will crescendo in December 2012. Perhaps, I shouldn't use the word “crescendo” because the sweeping changes will not subside but intensify as time goes on. The point that is important here is that a series of events will occur that will magnify a coming realization that we are in a “roller coaster ride” ..." (site accessed Sep 2007)