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The World Tree  " ... Did the Mayans, Egyptians and other ancient cultures know about sacred sciences that tied their astronomies and mythologies to the natural rhythms of the Earth? Doctors William Gaspar and José Jaramillo have written an earth-shattering book about this ancient mystery, and what it means to human survival. The authors applied their unique knowledge of astronomy, sacred geometry, Ice Age cycles, spirituality and Masonic secrets to provide an exact road map and to ponder whether the 2012 Galactic Alignment with the Winter Solstice Sun could cause severe weather changes ..." (site accessed Nov 2010)

2012 Contact   Learn The Historical Facts About The 2012 Prophecies Now! With The Knowledge & Wisdom Of 2012 Contact! (site accessed Aug 2010)

Change Described - Explained - Predicted   "What if you could describe the near and distant past, explain the ever evolving present, and predict the near and distant future? Not each specific choice or action taken, now being elected, or to be taken, but the cyclic trends in the dates and rates of the diffusion of human innovation and solar system, planetary, and climatic change. Well the ancient Maya could and my completed 532 page non-fiction book ‘CHANGE DESCRIBED-EXPLAINED-PREDICTED’ validates that fact. Then, the book explains how they did it – but doesn’t stop there. The book also defines things the Maya couldn’t possibly know. Things only modern science could uncover. Big things like the Galactic force that drives the cyclic rhythms of change the Maya were measuring and mimicking. Subtle things like how that force gets into our brains to define our autonomic self and influence our behavior. Worrisome things, like the scientific basis for the Maya prediction of the “end of space and time” on Friday December 21, 2012 ..." Paul Drewfs (site accessed Aug 2010

2012 Guidebook   " ...I've written a funny, tongue-in-cheek book about how the world might end and what you can do about it. You can read the entire book online for free or buy it in eBook or paperback form. The 2012 Guide Book speculates on various other end-of-world scenarios including: rampaging zombies, black holes, nuclear war, viruses, famine, tsunamis, earthquakes, melting polar ice caps, killer polar bears, deadly penguins, the ozone layer, religious prophecies, an alien invasion, destroyer machines, Kirstie Alley exploding, and more ... Corey Deitz, (site accessed Jan 2010)

2012: Deadly Awakening   novel (Kindle format) "A mystery novel set in Merida and Chichen Itza Yucatan around the crucial date of December 21, 2012. The scene in Merida is chaotic and tense. People think that the world is about to end, as it is the end of the Maya long-count calendar. Other people think humanity will evolve to a higher form of consciousness. You wouldn't think these are ideals people would kill to protect, but they do. Thousands of spiritual tourists have descended upon this once-peaceful city, creating chaos. People die, and die very badly ..." (site accessed Dec 09)

2012: The Survival Manual   " ... this web site is probably the only page that tells the real truth about 2012. It is backed by hard, scientific evidence that withstands any amount of close scrutiny and further research, not some bogus mumbo-jumbo fictional theories of shady individuals craving public attention ... If you read one book before 2012, read this one. It will save your life ..." (site accessed Nov 09)

2012 The Ascension   " ... The Mayans predicted it. The Egyptians encoded the date into the Pyramids. Modern science and astrology have proven it. And two mystics are about to reveal how you can survive it. Two top mystics reveal: Predictions from the Mayans;
The secret Egyptian code embedded into The Great Pyramid; Scientific and Astronomical proof of the apocalypse; How to prepare for our ascension to the 4th Dimension; Predictions from the Coven ..." (site accessed Oct 09)

2012: The Last Entries (novel)   A book of journals kept by six different people in the year 2012. Beginning in January you get to know each of the six people sharing their stories with their personal notebooks. Who they are, what they believe, and what they see in the towns they live in. None the wiser to what the year has in store for them, they begin to notice things changing quickly. As the year progresses many strange climatic events occur in various parts of the world; each person giving their account as they witness many terrible events first hand ..." (site accessed Oct 09)

The Simplicity of 2012: Enjoy the Ride   "As we approach 2012 galactic forces are moving into place, affecting the consciousness of the universe and everyone on planet earth. This book "The Simplicity of 2012" is intended to be just that, simple. This book was written to simplify what is happening, for all of those who do not have the time to read the number of books available on the subject, but are curious to know the path before them in 2012." Website also has a song called "2012". (site accessed Oct 09)

Black Road 2012 (novel)   "Black Road 2012 is a paranormal thriller structured around the ancient Mayan Doomsday prophecy--said to fulfill itself on December 21, 2012, at 11:11 AM, when the sun will align with the center of the galactic core, the current world Age will end, and a New World Age will begin with flood, famine, and the end of God. In Black Road 2012, a young woman and her unborn twins are murdered. Her ex private eye husband Jack Vane finds himself charged with the murders, and somehow at the center of a sinister global conspiracy.Jack Vane is hunted by dark forces from this world and another--forces hell-bent on using a terrible secret to enslave Earth and all of Humanity--forever. In the end, the future depends on Jack's choice between his own humanity and godhood."

2012: Science or Superstition?   "How much of what we’re hearing is science and how much is superstition? ... In 2007 we started making a documentary film to answer precisely these questions, avoiding the hype from the likes of the History Channel and the Hollywood studios ... In the course of researching the 2012 phenomenon, we realized that despite the seemingly endless supply of books relating to the topic, none truly captured the broad spectrum of opinion, debate, research and myth regarding the most compelling “end times” prediction of the 21st century. We asked author Alexandra Bruce to build on the film and create what we believe is a truly insightful, detailed analysis of everything 2012 ... (site accessed Sep 2009)

The tunnel at the end of time (novel) by Adam Donaldson Powel and Rick Davis. A new ongoing online science fiction serial novel depicting life on Earth a few years after 2012, and the showdown between the New World Order and the Divine Interventionists. (site accessed Sep 09)

The Activation ""THE ACTIVATION" bridges the gap between the old religious teachings and the new spiritual teachings. Going far beyond the predictions of both Nostradamus and the Mayan Calendar, the future of humanity after the year 2012 is finally revealed. Reading much like a modern-day story of Don Quixote, "THE ACTIVATION" has been compared to The Celestine Prophecy, The Secret, Conversations With God, and Divinci Code, all combined into one very unique book ..." (site accessed July 09)

The End of Time (novel) The End of Time is a sci-fi, adventure, love story that asks the question: What is the length that a man will go to for the one he loves? Darien and Catherine are brought together through a twist of fate. As childhood sweethearts they dream of traveling space. They grow up pursuing their dream with utmost passion. On the eve of achieving their dream they are torn apart by Satan’s forces. Catherine sacrifices her soul to save Darien’s life and becomes the anti-Christ and rises to power in the New World Order. Darien, torn between his faith and his love, stops at nothing to save her. He fears that she may have to be destroyed. He risks everything as he is guided by God. Wielding the sword of power, he joins the resistance to fight the forces of the evil dictatorship, battles the ancient sons of darkness and stands against Satan’s army of demons. Breaking down the gates of hell on December 21, 2012 he discovers that the spirit of darkness is at the heart of the evil forces. The world is covered in darkness for three days. The epic adventure climaxes at Mount Zion where the armies of men stand against the armies of demons, even though they know they cannot triumph. Randall Towe, site accessed May 2009

2012: A conspiracy tale (novel)   "The story takes place in early 2008. It is a time of great political unrest; people are living in constant fear of terrorist attack and are looking to the world leaders to take action. ... Mitchell Webb, CEO of IDSys, and his long-term friend Simon Rockwell are on the brink of securing a contract from Her Majesty's Government for the design, manufacture and supply of Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) for the protection of the British Public against terrorist attack. ... Shortly after being awarded the contract, there is a horrendous terrorist attack on one of England's most famous landmarks and the Government passes legislation for the compulsory introduction of RFIDs, bringing about a series of events that draw Mitch and his colleagues into the biggest conspiracy in history. Little by little, they uncover some unsettling information that makes them question the real motives behind the introduction of RFIDs. The friends soon find themselves in a deadly race against time, facing a powerful and ruthless enemy, culminating in an astonishing discovery about the very origins of life on Earth." Bryan Collier, site accessed May 2009

2012: Seeking closure  (novel)  "It's December 21, 2012. Three men find themselves trapped in an elevator, forced to confront the terrible mistakes they've made in their lives and desperate to seek closure with those whom they've hurt before it's too late. But they only have three hours left to do this, because that's when the world ends. Based on a story by Tom Townsend, and soon to become a motion picture from Inner Glow Pictures ... (site accessed May 2009) Movie trailer

In the Courts of the Sun
Pre-release review from 2012 Predictions
The Mayan end date of 2012 has already gripped the imagination of many people, and none more so than that of Brian D’Amato, whose extraordinary novel, “In the Courts of the Sun”, is about a fantastic journey back into the time of the Maya in order to prevent the coming End of Times.

Jed DeLanda, Maya, orphan, haemophiliac and calendrical savant, was initiated by his mother into the ways of a “sun adder”, and uses a Mayan Sacrifice Game as a form of divination. His skills lead him to the notice of Taro Hyaku, an expert in catastrophe modelling, and what follows is a truly amazing story of a race through and against time, as Jed, recruited by the shadowy conglomerate, The Warren Group, seeks to uncover the secrets of the Maya which will help to discover just when, where and how the final end will come – and hence how it can be averted.

D’Amato has an impressive breadth of technical knowledge and a remarkable imagination which he uses to great effect in recounting the fast-moving events leading up to Jed’s bizarre mind journey. He goes on to paint a vivid and terrifying picture of the Maya rituals and way of life. Every sense is alert: colours, textures, smells, tastes and touch are all described in graphic and scorching detail, as is the extraordinary sixth sense which Jed develops.

The story is told by Jed himself and, through his thoughts, we are treated to fascinating and absorbing touches of insight, humour and satire which give an even greater depth to the themes of the book.

“In the Courts of the Sun” is the first book in the Sacrifice Game Trilogy and is a powerful novel of imaginative and illustrative intensity. With the second part due out next year, D’Amato leaves his readers with a big question mark still hanging over the future of the world. (2012 Predictions review posted March 2009)

The End of Times (Part 1)   "December 21 2012, I will never forget this terrible date. We all thought it could never happen. Not to us. Not to God’s good children. We are sinners at heart, but we believed that the Almighty would protect us from true horror. This has not been the case, at least for me. On this date, the powers of the world unleashed their deadly weapons against each other. Within the blink of an eye, the sky was filled with with flying missiles that would detonate to end mankind. We had long feared it since the development of nuclear technology. It has now happened ..." (site accessed Feb 2009)

Toward 2012 (excerpt) - Meeting the Spirits "All through my childhood, I felt certain that something extraordinary — absolutely amazing and out of the ordinary — was going to happen to me. The world seemed bursting with a secret that nobody would divulge, and someday this tremendous mystery would be revealed ..." Daniel Pinchbeck, (site accessed Feb 2009)

2012: The Last Will and Testament of the Gods  Fiction, downloadable free ebook: "Funny, thought provoking adventure of modern hero, created by Zeus to save the Earth, (Gaia) from the depredations of people by the 2012 deadline. A radically new take on the global warming problem. Will the Earth be saved by people or will it manage very welll without them?" Mike Cooper, (site accesssed Jan 2009)

2012 - Le Projet Robinson  " ... Comparing prophecies 2012 and actual climate, the author raises the question: Humanity will it survive if the prophecies and the major change in climate combine announced? Should we fear the mass extinction of mankind, or there has long been an alternative to save humanity? ... Nick CROFT offers here, for those who fear that time agonizing 21 December 2012, a manual can you prepare for the worst situations before, during and especially after their venues ... if it is true!..." translated from French. (site accessed Jan 2009)

The complete idiot's guide to 2012   Due to be released in October, this link is to pre-release of Chapter 15 on global warming. Authors are Colin and Synthia Andrews. (site accessed August 2008)

2014: The life and adventures of an incarnated angel   "Many Terrans are still approaching the year 2011 with fear and trepidation. It is not too late to realise that our past, our present and our future are of our own creation, at every moment and through each thought, action/non-action and word spoken ....we can, in fact, determine our present and our future ... both individually and collectively. “2014: the life and adventures of an incarnated angel” is a work of fiction, depicting one possible reality that we can create. It is not meant to be a prophecy that we should self-fulfil, nor is it written for entertainment value alone. It is designed to provoke reflection. The solutions are only to be found in each and every one of us – beyond the illusions and distractions of individual and collective separation ..." Adam Donaldson Powell, (site accessed Aug 2008)

2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future   " ... The book begins in August 1987 on the slopes of Mount Shasta in Northern California as Borax witnesses the Harmonic Convergence, a spiritual and astrological event sparking a 26-year countdown to 2012, the year that marks the “end of history” in the Mayan calendar. Signs indicate that a “major energy shift” is occurring, a turning point in Earth’s collective karma powerful enough to change the global perspective of humankind. Borax’s mountaintop experiences compel him to seek solutions to his personal turmoil. He meets Lonsdale and together they launch a mystery school to study how the twenty-five-year period between 1987 and 2012 can be used for a cosmic purging of negativity to release humanity’s core forces and restore universal balance ..." Mark Borax, (site accessed Jun 08)

Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012  "According to the author, just as our bodies have a kundalini energy, so does the Earth. The "serpent of light" is the earth's kundalini energy. Once at home in Lemuria, this energy moved to Atlantis and then Tibet. From there, it followed the Dalai Lama out of Tibet to journey to its new location in the Andes Mountains. Edgar Cayce tells us that the Andes Mountains were once a part of Lemuria. What does it mean that this energy has “come home”? The author reveals stunning information in this book including that, according to the Mayans, the important date to watch is not December 21, 2012, but February 19, 2013." (site accessed Apr 2008)

A New Earth: What the Bible has to say about 2012   "In this eBook, the author explores ancient Hebrew scriptures and their connections to the hype surrounding the year 2012 ..." (site accessed Dec 2007)

2012 Secrets: How to Succeed before 2012!   " ... unlike Y2K, which preyed upon survivalist tendencies, the events leading up to 2012 are NOT warning signs to sell your home and move to the mountains of Wyoming! You don't need to take up farming, learn how to can vegetables, or chop wood. In fact, more first-time millionaires will be made in the year 2012... because they know what is coming. Who else wants to become filthy rich and cash in on what the year 2012 will bring? ..." Ernie Fitzpatrick, (site accessed Nov 2007)

Geoff Stray: Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy  " ... For over twenty years, Geoff Stray has been investigating the year 2012 as a time of potentially massive significance for humankind and planet Earth. This investigation has revealed that several civilisations across the world have calendars, myths, prophecies and visions connected with 2012. Will it be global catastrophe or spiritual transformation? Discerning and detailed, Beyond 2012 is a must-read for anyone striving to understand the predicted transition, the importance of our times and what it all means for humanity ... " (site accessed Aug 2007)
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Daniel Pinchbeck: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl "This literary and metaphysical epic unifies the cosmological phenomena of our time - from crop circles to quantum mechanics to the worldwide resurgence of shamanism - in support of the Mayan prophecy that the year 2012 portends an unprecedented global shift." (site re-accessed Aug 2007)

Interviews with Daniel Pinchbeck:


See also   (short video - )"Toward 2012", introduces the project, explaining concepts from the best-selling book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006) by Daniel Pinchbeck, in the author's own voice..."
Survive 2012 forum   Links to " intense and revealing discussion as Pinchbeck accuses (Whitley) Strieber of encouraging disaster by having a ‘negative’ view of the future and Strieber accuses Pinchbeck of preferring a fantasy that seeks to ignore the laws of nature.... " (site accessed September 2007)

How to survive 2012?  "Author Patrick Geryl came to the staggering conclusion that the Earth will soon be subjected to an immense disaster. The cause: upheavals in the sun's magnetic fields will generate gigantic solar flares that will affect the polarity of the entire Earth. The result: our magnetic field will reverse all at once, with catastrophic consequences for humanity ...." (site accessed June 2007)

Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide   by Jacco van der Worp, Marshall Masters and Janice Manning "Prophetic 2012 warnings and Planet X predictions clearly point to a close convergence of genuine and man-made disasters. The result of this convergence shall be a global cataclysm that unfolds like a slow-motion train wreck. Governments know this, and they're taking bold steps to survive the coming Planet X flyby, with their powers intact. They know they cannot save everyone — just those they deem worthy of saving. They have a plan, but do you? .... Based on science and designed for those of modest means, this book shows you how to read the news inside the news, so as to get out of harm’s way in time. It also shows you the simple things that you can set aside today to get through the difficult years ahead, and much more. ..." (site accessed May 2007)

The Mayan Prophecies by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell  "The authors demonstrate how the Mayan Holy Number 1,366,560 days, known as the birth of Venus and the basis of their calendar, indicates ancient knowledge of sun spot cycles and their effect on the human race....Examining the archaeological record, they find further evidence for linking the origins of Mayan civilization with the mythical lost continent of Atlantis, which according to Plato was destroyed in a series of catastrophes. They reveal that the Mayan calendar prophesies the end of our own "Age of the Jaguar", the fifth and final "sun" in 2012 AD. This, according to Cotterell's sun-spot theories, will be brought about by a sudden reversal in the earth's magnetic field. (site accessed May 2007)
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The Wave of Change 2000-2012
A series of 7 meetings in 2006 with Spirit Guide Jay Paul whose work pertains to the Karma of the Earth. His message covers in depth the “whys” of the present Earth changes and those to come. The Mayan Hopi Egyptians, ancient cultures refer to 2012 as a time of change. “The end of the world as you know it”. Not in the way of an Armageddon but with a higher understanding of love and compassion for all sentient beings. These changes are out of love and healing.
Channelled by medium Lyn Inglis. Written by Karen Barker. (site accessed April 2007)

After the Fall of 2012  
Fictional serial about one man's survival after the world is hit by a meteorite the size of Australia, with comments from readers. Frankthebear - (site accessed Mar 2007)

Breakpoint by Richard Clarke
"Richard Clarke portrays a world (in 2012) of accelerated technology, with some uses that are in the research or planning stages now. He gives a few examples in an author's note: Exoskelton suits to give soldiers enhanced capabilities ... Artificial retinas for people suffering from blindness caused by disease .... Nanotechnology to treat disease ... Laser guns mounted on aircraft ... A ``globegrid'' network" .... (site accessed Jan 2007)

Apocalypse 2012 by Lawrence E Joseph   "If there were a chance that opening this book could set off a chain of events that would lead to Apocalypse, to the end of Life as we know it, would you be tempted? Finger poised uncertainly above the flashing red button? How about if the Apocalypse promised to result in a new age of enlightenment, a Heaven on Earth like never before?

Personally, I’ll take the security of my cozy life over a chance at nirvana. But status quo may no longer be an option, for any of us. This book will convince you that there is a nonnegligible chance that the year 2012 will be more tumultuous, catastrophic, and, quite possibly, revelatory, than any other year in human history ...." Random House Books. (site accessed Jan 2007)
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