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10 Theories on the Sun Space and 2012   
" ... Everyone is familiar with the current 2012 doomsday predictions. In December of 2012, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which was used by several Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, will reach the end of its 13th baktun. People have predicted that this indicates that a massive geological event will occur on Earth. This article will be examining some theories surrounding the sun, space and the 2012 severe weather patterns. Put yourself in the place of a high level government official. If you had direct information that a cataclysmic event was approaching Earth, would you suppress it from the public or announce it? The obvious answer is to hide it and secretly prepare for a response ..." (site accessed Oct 2010)

First Irishman in space set to launch in 2012   "PJ King, a 41-year-old business man, is set to become the first Irish man in space. In as little as 18 months, King will be launched into space in what could be the world's first space tourist exploration. The Irishman is one of hundreds of aspiring space travelers that signed up to become the first paying passengers abroad the Virgin Galactic trip to outer space..." (site accessed Oct 2010)
See also: Space hotel says it is on schedule to open in 2012   "A company behind plans to open the first hotel in space says it is on target to accept its first paying guests in 2012 despite critics questioning the investment and time frame for the multi-billion dollar project. The Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost 3 million euro ($4.4 million) for a three-night stay at the hotel, with this price including an eight-week training course on a tropical island. During their stay, guests would see the sun rise 15 times a day and travel around the world every 80 minutes. They would wear velcro suits so they can crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves to the walls like Spiderman ..." (site accessed Nov 09)
See also: Space tourism to take flight in 2012   "Short tourist flights into space are expected to begin launching from northern Sweden in 2012 ... The flights will be run by Virgin Galactic, owned by British tycoon Sir Richard Branson, which will first send paying customers around 110 kilometres (70 miles) above the earth from New Mexico in the United States ..." (site accessed Mar 2009)
See also: Space tourism in 2012   "EADS unit Astrium said it plans to launch a space tourism programme next year with a view to starting 90-minute, sub-orbital flights from 2012-2013. The price of the flight will be 'around 150,000-200,000 euros ..." (site accessed June 2007)
See also: Marc Newsom Designs Spaceship Planned for Orbit in 2012 (site accessed June 2007)

As 2012 comes near, Planet X theory thrives   " ... Like many other “conspiracy theories” it should contain some truth because conspiracy theories are just that, most of them are truth of something that happened without those that believe it being able to entirely prove it or they do not get the opportunity to prove the facts behind most conspiracy theories, hence they remain conspiracy theories.. Although that also is not always the case the Niburu theory does get pretty convincing once you do some research ..." (site accessed Oct 20120)
See also: Planet X, Hercolubus or Nibiru   Blog with links about Planet X. (site accessed Feb 10)
See also: Doomsday 2012, the Planet Nibiru, and Cosmophobia   "Stories about the fictional planet Nibiru and predictions of doomsday in December 2012 have blossomed on the Internet. As of this June, there were more than 175 books listed on Amazon dealing with the 2012 doomsday. As this hoax spreads, many more disaster scenarios are being suggested. “Ask an Astrobiologist” has received nearly a thousand questions
about Nibiru and 2012, with more than 200 answers posted. Here are a few of the most popular questions and answers ..." (site accessed Oct 09)
See also: The myth of Niburu and the end of the world in 2012   " ... An astronomer tries to counter misinformation on the Internet about claims of a supposed rogue planet and an impending catastrophe, encountering troubling credulity, scientific illiteracy, and conspiracy thinking along the way ...In the six months since I first mentioned Nibiru on my Web site, this topic has threatened to take over “Ask an Astrobiologist.” I now receive at least one question per day ranging from anguished (“I can’t sleep; I am really scared; I don’t want to die”) to the abusive (“Why are you lying; you are putting my family at risk; if NASA denies it then it must be true”) This article is based on more than one hundred questions submitted in the first four months of 2008, only a few of which were actually answered online. Except for some condensing, I’ve left the questioners’ text as it was originally submitted ..." David Morrison, (site accessed Sep 09)
See also: Where is Planet X? Where is Nemesis?  " ... For the last 80 years, astronomers have been looking for a large planet that might go to some way of explaining interplanetary features such as the “Kuiper Cliff”, but Planet X has not been found. Unfortunately, the word “Planet X” has now become synonymous with conspiracy theories and doomsday, almost as notorious as the word “Nemesis”. Nemesis is another unanswered question hanging over Solar System evolution: does the Sun have a binary twin? Is there a second, dim, hidden “sun” stalking it’s brighter counterpart from over a light year away? ..." (site accessed Apr 2009)
See also: Planet X and 2012: The Pole Shift explained and debunked   " ... There are actually a few different specific versions of this scenario that various doomsday folks have created. The one that I know the most about and will address in this post is that of Brent Miller, founding member of the “Horizon Project,” and the statements that he has made on the November 10, 2008 and January 11, 2009 episodes of the Coast-to-Coast AM radio show ..." (site accessed Feb 2009)
See also:
Malachi Martin, Planet X Nibiru and the Vatican Short YouTube clip of interview with Malachi Martin in which he claims the Vatican are searching for something of interest in space in next five years. (site accessed Sep 08)
See also: 2012: No Planet X    " ... I'm sorry, but the "facts" behind the Planet X/Nibiru myth simply do not add up. Don't worry, Planet X will not be knocking on our door in 2012 and here's why … (site accessed May 08)
See also:   An analysis of Zechariah Stitchin's scholarship in which the author of this site puts several counters to his argument about the approach of Nibiru (site accessed Aug 08)
See also: 2012 and Planet X Bulletin   "Surviving 2012 and the Planet X (Nibiru) flyby will depend on your ability to think your way through it and that process begins with knowledge. Whether you can afford to build a bunker or can barely afford a shovel.To help you speed your own research efforts, we feature hundreds of research links ..." (site accessed Mar 08)
See also:
Planet X, 2012 and More   "They found something large at the edge of our solar system ... 5-part video series. As the co-author and publisher of Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide, Marshall believes that 2012 will be a survivable, evolutionary event.
See also: Extraterrestrial section on this site

Massive solar storm to hit Earth in 2012 with 'force of 100m bombs'  Astronomers are predicting that a massive solar storm, much bigger in potential than the one that caused spectacular light shows on Earth earlier this month, is to strike our planet in 2012 with a force of 100 million hydrogen bombs. Several US media outlets have reported that NASA was warning the massive flare this month was just a precursor to a massive solar storm building that had the potential to wipe out the entire planet's power grid ... Similar storms back in 1859 and 1921 caused worldwide chaos, wiping out telegraph wires on a massive scale. The 2012 storm has the potential to be even more disruptive ..." (site accessed Aug 2010)
See also: Do not adjust your sets: solar storms could cause blackouts at the Olympics  " ... After a period of unprecedented calm within the massive nuclear furnace that powers the Sun, scientists have detected the signs of a fresh cycle of sunspots that could peak in 2012, just in time for the arrival of the Olympic torch in London. Over the past two years, fewer sunspots have been recorded than at any time since 1913. But now scientists have detected signs that the next cycle has begun and it could peak in two or three years ..." (site accessed Feb 2010)
See also: The geomagnetic apocalypse - and how to stop it   " talked to (Lawrence)Joseph and John Kappenman, CEO of electromagnetic damage consulting company MetaTech, about the possibility of geomagnetic apocalypse — and how to stop it. (site accessed April 2009)
See also: Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe   "It is midnight on 22 September 2012 and the skies above Manhattan are filled with a flickering curtain of colourful light. Few New Yorkers have seen the aurora this far south but their fascination is short-lived. Within a few seconds, electric bulbs dim and flicker, then become unusually bright for a fleeting moment. Then all the lights in the state go out. Within 90 seconds, the entire eastern half of the US is without power. A year later and millions of Americans are dead and the nation's infrastructure lies in tatters ..." Michael Brooks, (site accessed Mar 2009)
See also: Severe space weather events - Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts - Workshop Report   "Space weather can produce solar storm electromagnetic fields that induce extreme currents in wires, disrupting power lines, causing wide-spread blackouts and affecting communication cables that support the Internet. Severe space weather also produces solar energetic particles and the dislocation of the Earth's radiation belts, which can damage satellites used for commercial communications, global positioning and weather forecasting ... It is expected that solar storms will increase in frequency and intensity toward the next solar maximum, expected to occur around 2012. NASA report, full report also available (site accessed Jan 2009)
See also: Solar storm warning  This week researchers announced that a storm is coming--the most intense solar maximum in fifty years. The prediction comes from a team led by Mausumi Dikpati of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). "The next sunspot cycle will be 30% to 50% stronger than the previous one," she says. If correct, the years ahead could produce a burst of solar activity second only to the historic Solar Max of 1958. Nasa (site accessed Mar 2007)
See also: Next solar storm cycle will start late   "The next 11-year cycle of solar storms will most likely start next March and peak in late 2011 or mid-2012 – up to a year later than expected – according to a forecast issued today by NOAA’s Space Environment Center in coordination with an international panel of solar experts."sec.noaa.gove (site accessed May 2007)
See also: Table of different scientists' predictions as to timing and intensity of solar storms (site accessed May 2007)
See also: Sunspot activity to peak in 2012   A new computer prediction says that the next cycle of sunspot activity will be late but 30% - 50% stronger than the last cycle, peaking in 2012. Richard Behnke, director of the US National Science Foundation's Upper Atmospheric Research Section says: "This prediction suggests we're potentially looking at more communications and navigations disruptions, more satellite failures, possible disruptions of electrical grids, blackouts, and more dangerous conditions for astronauts." (site accessed Mar 2006)
See also: 2010 to 2012 will have massive Sun Storms and Solar flares causing massive communication malfunction and mobile phone blackouts   This article states that the peak will be in 2010. (site accessed Jan 2007)  Article no longer accessible.

2012: The Astronomy of Quetzalcoatl's Return  " ... Do books and videos on 2012 seem to be a mass of jargon and incomprehensible astronomical diagrams? This video may help ..." JimSmithInChaipas, (site accessed Aug 2010)
See also: Clearing up the skies of 2012: Explanation of the astronomy   " ... Do books and videos on 2012 seem to be a mass of jargon and incomprehensible astronomical diagrams? This video may help ..." JimSmithInChaipas, (site accessed Jun 2010)

The end of the world as we know it   "Apocalyptic thought has a tradition that dates to the Persian prophet Zoroaster in the 14th century BC. Recently, anxiety has grown over the prediction of the end of the world in the Mayan calendar. It's true that the Mayan odometer will hit zeros on 21 December 2012, as it reaches the end of a 394-year cycle called a baktun. But this baktun is part of a larger 8,000-year cycle called a pictun, and there's no evidence that anything astronomically untoward will happen as the current baktun slides into the next ...What kind of catastrophe would it take to end the world? Astronomical intruders provide a potentially serious threat ..." (site accessed Jun 2010)

2012: Combat the nonsense   " ...While there are many websites, like Space Fellowship, which provide solid and methodical evidence that the 2012 hysteria is complete nonsense, hordes of other sites out there are full of gobbledygook and a gross misstating of what they claim to be scientific evidence that some astronomical event will decimate our planet ..." A list of links and resources is contained within this article which back the stance of Space Fellowship. (site accessed Oct 09)

A prediction by an individual emailed to this website "Our galaxy is a disc with a thicker centre and thiner edge.this is from the difference of the universal gravity(gravity in short after) in our galaxy and the edge zone of the galaxy has weaker gravity. 2012 our solar system will go through the central galaxy edge zone of the galaxy and the gravity of sun will effect stronger on all its stars. This means all the solar system stars will be pulled closer to the sun and temperature of these stars will be hotter than now. When the solar system moves away from the central galaxy edge zone, the gravity of the sun is become weaker and all the solar system stars will move further from the sun and further from the distance now because of the effect of the inertia,the temperature of the stars will be cooler than now. wang song 2009-07-12

China plans its first woman astronaut by 2012   "China could launch its first woman into space as early as 2012, state media reported. Yang Liwei, who in 2003 became China's first astronaut and is now in charge of new recruits for the space programme, said the search for the first woman in space was under way ..." news (site accessed July 2009)

The astronomical insignificance of Maya date   " ... The individual responsible for devising the Long Count must have himself been an Olmec, for the timing of his calculation pre-dates by fully four centuries any known calendrical glyphs from the area of Maya settlement ...the Olmec priest could not possibly have foreseen any event of astronomical significance taking place on December 23, 2012, at the end of Maya baktun Therefore, to suggest that this date will have any meaning or importance to anyone but a historian of chronology is to embroider it with a significance it was never intended to have ..." Vincent H Malmstrom, (site accessed May 2009)

Close encounter with retrograde orbit asteroid for 2012   "A pretty interesting discovery was announced today, an asteroid with a retrograde orbit, also fairly large (2-3 km or so in diameter, thus surface area of around 12 - 28 km²), and close enough to Earth that it's surprising that it hasn't been discovered until now ... It gets as far away as 4 AU from the Sun and Earth, and will have the following close encounters over the next few years:
3 January 2012: 0.158 AU
28 April 2012: 0.786 AU (site accessed May 2009)

Plants on the Moon by 2012   "Groundbreaking advancements in the realm of space engineering may soon see the moon sown with the first gardens to grow on the lunar surface. As part of the Google Lunar X Prize, Paragon Space Development Corporation has recently teamed with Odyssey Moon to develop a pressurized mini greenhouse to deploy on the surface of the moon, grow a plant from seed, and hopefully see it flower and seed itself ..." (site accessed April 2009)

Doomsday in 2012: Science-Lite  "I’ve had equal measures of praise and criticism for my most recent “No Doomsday in 2012? article. Most of the praise came in the form of: “I’m really glad you addressed the 2012 comet scenario, those ads were p***ing me off!“. However, it did get criticised for chasing after a “small website” with “very little written on it” which “obviously confuses” what a comet is and what Planet X is. However, this “small website” (which actually receives an awful lot more traffic than, has decided to comment on my views on the subject. And you know what? I think it has enhanced their content ten-fold ..." Ian O'Neill, (site accessed Jan 2009)
See also:
2012: No comet   " ... the Planet X conspiracy theory is wrong, but the 2012 comet theory is even worse. The chances of a large planet swinging through the inner solar system in 2012 has the same odds as a comet impact on that date: nil. ... I am sure 2012 will be a significant year for spiritual and religious reasons, I'm not debating that. However, for doomsayers to use modern science to prove their inaccurate doomsday creations for personal gain is not only irresponsible, it can be very damaging." (site accessed Dec 2008)

Catalina Sky Survey will continue its search for near-Earth objects through to 2012   "The University of Arizona's Catalina Sky Survey has been awarded a $3.16 million NASA grant to continue its search for near-Earth objects, or NEOs, through 2012 ...the survey, known as CSS, has discovered about 70 percent of all NEOs found in the past three years ..." (site accessed Jan 2009)

Europe to launch IXV in 2012  (YouTube) "The European Space Agency will launch the IXV [Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle] onboard a new Vega booster rocket [Vega info] from the Kourou, French Guiana spaceport in 2012. The mission is essential to development of critical technologies for future robotic or manned spacecraft by testing brand-new European atmospheric re-entry technologies during its hypersonic and supersonic flight phases ..." (site accessed Jan 2009)

Will Earth pass through the galactic plane in 2012?   "As seen from the sun, the Earth crosses the Milky Way’s galactic plane (also called the galactic equator) twice a year, every year. Or as seen from Earth, the sun crosses the galactic plane twice a year, every year ... Much ado has been made of the winter solstice sun aligning with the galactic plane on December 21, 2012. But according to the computational wizard Jean Meeus (page 302 of Mathematical Astronomy Morsels), the solstice points were alignment with the galactic equator in the year 1998." (site accessed Dec 2008)

Indian Space Research Organisation plans lunar robot in 2012   " ... The lunar rover will be built in collaboration with Russia ..." (site accessed Dec 2008)
See also: British mission to the moon by 2012
"Britain could be sending its first mission to the Moon within five years after it won the backing of Nasa. T
here are plans to send an unmanned probe into lunar orbit by 2012. The probe would fire four suitcase-sized sensors down to explore below the lunar surface under a proposal called Moonlite. The sensors are darts called "penetrators". Once embedded under the surface, instruments in the penetrator would listen out for "Moonquakes" ..." (site accessed Dec 07)
See also:
China to launch remote-controlled lunar rover in 2012   "China is planning to launch a remote-controlled lunar rover in 2012 to explore the moon for three months as the second phase of the country's lunar ambitions, said the chief scientist of China's lunar exploration yesterday..." (site accessed May 2007)
See also:
Russia to conduct first flight to the Moon in 2011-2012   "Russia plans to conduct its first manned flight around the Moon in 2011-2012, the president of a leading spacecraft company said Thursday, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

'The Energia Rocket and Space Corporation plans to explore the Moon in three stages: a Soyuz spacecraft flight to the Moon, the construction of a permanent base on the Moon (from 2010 to 2025), and the industrial exploration of space around the Moon,' Nikolai Sevastyanov said at the 5th Airspace Congress in Moscow.

He went on to say that the main goals of the lunar exploration would be to conduct astrophysical research of its surface, to transfer environmentally unfriendly industries from the Earth to the Moon, and to extract raw materials, including helium-3, to meet the increasing energy demand on the Earth." (site accessed Sep 2006)
See also:  "... the unmanned flight will include a lunar orbiter that will fire 12 penetrators across diverse regions of the Moon to create a seismic network, which will be used to study the Moon's origin. After firing the penetrators, the mother ship will deliver a polar station, equipped with a mass spectrometer and neutron spectrometer, to the surface. The objective of the station is to detect water ice deposits in the polar zones of the Moon..." (site accessed Dec 2006)

Military space policy in 2012   " ... it might be interesting to think about what the next US president is going to face in 2012. Geopolitically the world will probably not look that much different. What is certain is that the laws of physics, and above all the law of gravity, within the Earth-Moon system and beyond will not have changed ... Operationally Responsive Space will, by 2012, have produced a small number of useful satellites, but will not have revolutionized the field. After a major embarrassment caused by the publication of a satellite image that directly contradicted the words of at least one major world leader, commercial remote sensing satellites will have improved and will multiply as more and more politicians will want to have their own private access to overhead imagery ... " Taylor Dinerman, (site accessed July 2008)

NASA's new supercomputer aims for 10 PFLOPS by 2012   "SGI and Intel Corp. are teaming up to build a supercomputer for NASA that they expect will pass the PFLOPS barrier next year and hit 10 PFLOPS by 2012. A petaflop is a quadrillion floating-point operations per second ... "We're designing our next-generation rocket for getting to the moon and then eventually to Mars," said Bill Thigpen, engineering branch chief at NASA. ...According to SGI, the system will have more than 20,800GB of memory, which is equal to the memory in average 10,000 desktop PCs." (site accessed May 2008)

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) may be launched in 2012  "MIT scientists are designing a satellite-based observatory that they say could for the first time provide a sensitive survey of the entire sky to search for planets outside the solar system that appear to cross in front of bright stars. The system could rapidly discover hundreds of planets similar to the Earth ...Google ...(has) ... provided a small seed grant to fund development of the wide-field digital cameras needed for the satellite. Because of the huge amount of data that will be generated by the satellite, Google has an interest in working on the development of ways of sifting through that data to find useful information ..." (site accessed Mar 08)

Space hotel sees 2012 opening   ""Galactic Suite", the first hotel planned in space, expects to open for business in 2012 and would allow guests to travel around the world in 80 minutes. Its Barcelona-based architects say the space hotel will be the most expensive in the galaxy, costing $4 million for a three-day stay ..." (site accessed Aug 2007)

India to set up Asia's largest telescope in 2012   " ... Asia's largest telescope "will enable us to see four to five times deeper into space than before, and receive high-quality images," said Professor Ram Sagal of the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences ..." RIA Novosti (site accessed Aug 2007)

2012 –due to simultaneous polar reversal the gamma for the earth’s core and sun can come close to 4/3 – what happens if the core collapses?   " ... Traditional physics expects nothing to go wrong for another 6 billion years. But some computer simulation studies are showing signs of trouble in the core of the earth ... " (site accessed Jul 2007)

The Abysmal
A semi-scientific site containing a vast amount of information about world calendars, lunar cycles, constellations, celestial rhythms, solar cycles, history of time reckoning. (site accessed Mar 2007)

Russian Shuttle Debut in 2012
 "The Russian Kliper space craft will make its debut flight in 2012, with full operations to the International Space Station (ISS) ..... the descent vehicle is to be reusable and to have glider-like properties..." (site accessed Jan 2007)
See also: Novosti   Russia hopes to launch reusable spacecraft in 2012 (site accessed Feb 2006)

2012: India's Mars Odyssey   Indian space scientists are planning a 6-8 month probe of Mars looking at a range of features including secrets hidden below the ground. Hindustan Times (site accessed Nov 2006)

First Turk in space in 2012  Russia has decided to send the first Turkish astronaut into space into 2012. One hundred candidates will be considered. (site accessed Nov 2006)

Details of the 2012 transit of Venus   Astronomical information on where to watch the transit. (site accessed Sep 2006)

Russia to launch mobile space labs  
"Russia plans to launch two laboratory modules that would orbit near the International Space Station beginning in 2012." (site accesed August 2006)

NASA to launch Radiation Belt Storm Probes in 2012   "Four university teams will share $100 million to provide experiments and supporting hardware for a future NASA mission to study near-Earth space radiation. This type of radiation is hazardous to astronauts, orbiting satellites and aircraft flying high altitude polar routes ... Called the Radiation Belt Storm Probes, the two-spacecraft mission is scheduled for launch in 2012. The mission will study how accumulations of space radiation form and change during space storms. Space weather storms involve constantly changing magnetic and electric fields and gusts of radiation particles that produce intense energy. This energy can black out long-distance communications over entire continents and disrupt the global navigational system." NASA (site accessed August 2006)

China plans exploration of the sun in 2012    "CHINA plans to conduct a 3-year exploration of the Sun with three satellites beginning from 2012, the peak year for Sun energy, which is expected to be the first study of its kind, Xinhua news agency reported today. The exploration will focus on Sun-Earth space environment to offer data for space disaster alerts and develop the country's deep space exploration, said Tu Chuanyi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.Tu said that the project might reveal how the solar system influences the Earth's environment, which might improve the ability to forecast weather." Sina English (site accessed July 2006)

NASA Transits of Venus    Astronomical information relating to the rare transits of Venus, one of which is scheduled for 2012. NASA (site accessed Feb 2006)

Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) in space by 2012   
NASA Glenn Research Center will help oversee development of a spacecraft that will return astronauts to the moon, a project worth at least $2 billion and possibly hundreds of jobs over the next decade.
The Cleveland center will oversee development of the CEV's service module, which would provide most of the power and propulsion for the crew capsule as it heads to the International Space Station and, later, to the moon and back. NASA wants it in space by 2012. (site accessed May 2006) Article no longer accessible

Nasa is moving up its target year for the shuttle successor, the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), from 2014 to no later than 2012. iol (site accessed Feb 2006)

China plans unmanned moon landing by 2012   Orlando Sentinel (site accessed April 2006)    Article no longer accessible.