F.K.Baganoff et al.

2012 and all that   " ... But of course, you do not have to have studied astrology for long to get a little frisson about 2012, because June 24th 2012 is the date of the first of seven Uranus/Pluto squares (the last being in 2015), which is an event that takes place twice during the course of the rather irregular 120+ year conjunction cycle of these two planets. Bearing in mind that the last square took place in the ideological insanity of the 1930’s when Hitler and Stalin exercised a hypnotic hold on enormous population masses, a certain nervousness could be expected ... Are not the hours that Adam spends googling the year 2012, indeed whole nights at his computer researching the Apocalypse, displaced anxiety about the upheavals that lie ahead for him personally? ..." (site accessed Jul 2010)

Please Don't Be Stupid About 2012: Censored From Wikipedia    According to expert astrologer Raymond Mardyks, there is a complex and sophisticated number of astronomical/astrological factors contributing to this date. He states that Maya astrology is "galactic" and operates in a larger field of consciousness than other astrology systems. He recommends working with an authentic Maya calendar to develop the ability to experience the true nature of the "Galactic Wave" event scheduled for the end of 2012. (site accessed Mar 2010)

2012: A rational look   "As authors of works on both Western and Mayan astrology, we (Scofield and Orr) are often asked for our opinion of what will happen in 2012. The simple answer is that no one really know. There some things we do know, however. The following are some questions and answers related to our simple premise: The Mayan Calendar is a kind of astrology .." (site accessed Jan 2010)

2012, Astrology and Apocalyptic Chaos   " ... There are three significant astrological events which will occur in 2012 "this article will explain their significance and potentiality ... On June 6th 2012, the planet Venus will align itself perfectly in between the Sun and the Earth ... a total solar eclipse on November 13th 2012, and a penumbral eclipse on November 28th 2012. In astrology eclipses are seen by some as portents for natural disasters, most notably earthquakes ... of critical importance for Apocalypse theorists is the Mayan Calendar`s completion of a great cycle of 13 B`ak`tun`s (periods of 144,000 days) on December 21st 2012 ..." (site accessed Jan 2010)

Political prognostications: the 2012 race for the White House   " ... President Obama’s Astrological chart has a particularly lucky aspect in that, it’s not that he wins his races — it’s that his opponents lose the race. Between September 2011 and October 2012 President Obama is in a politically vulnerable phase: will face big challenges, roadblocks and adept political adversaries. But, if he chooses to run in 2012, once more, it will be his opponent – who wins or loses the race. One More Thing: It’s interesting to note, that even as Revolutionary as President Obama’s presidency has been and continues to be, according to the Numbers/Astrology, it’s the next (2012) President who will carry through and preside over an even more important turning point in the history of our beloved country ..." (site accessed Oct 2009)

Emailed to this website: According to astrologers, Nostradamus observed a 13th sign of the zodiac between Sagittarius and Capricorn, known as Ophieuchus (Manstruggling a serpent). The "dark rift" which the Mayan's describe as the location of the sunrise on 12/21/12, is indeed the center of the galaxy and the location of a black hole.

Okay, here is my theory. Do you think it is possible that the Greek poet, Homer, could have forseen this alignment and wrote of it in his epic, "The Odyssey?" The final part of his voyage takes him through a very narrow passage (The modern straits of Messina between Italy's boot and the Island of Sicily.) There Odysseus (who represents either mankind or the sun), must pass through this passage that places him between a massive sea serpent, or a raging whirlpool that will pulll him in and spit him back out very much like a black hole in space. Does this not parallel the voyage of the sun on 12/21/12? The sun passing between Ophieuchus and the Galactic center home to our black hole?

This is merely an observation on my part, but the similarities seem so extraordinarly alike...a very narrow passage (the end of precession and the galactic alignment), a struggle with a serpent (Ophieuchus) and the suction from a whirlpool (gravity from a blackhole). Odysseus must choose and he chooses the serpent which eats half his men.

Homer is still read today...there may be a very good reason why... C Q Scafidi, (Oct 09)

Ignition point for 2012?   "The coming together of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron (the healer) is this millennium's Star of Bethlehem, says astrologer Mark Borax. It's the launchpad to 2012 and the full emersion into the Age of Aquarius. And it's happening now and into early June! If we open ourselves to it, finer Aquarian energies are on the way to work their healing magic. (site accessed May 2009)

20Y2K12 and Astrology's Reputation   " ... if we expect to be taken seriously and credibly, we must actively stave off the inaccurate prediction phenomena inspired by those who failed to get a turn spinning scary yarns around the fire at summer camp. We must understand astronomy and astrology, weaving the two back into a harmonious helix of cooperation. We must interrupt the nonsense speculations and reset people back to critical thinking and intelligent assessment of the cosmic variables we so readily perceive. We must avert the crisis of erroneous speculations regarding 20Y2K12. Join the cause now. Hurry! Time is running out. Only four more years to print bumper stickers and shift the consciousness of fearful negativity before the Mayan Calendar concludes ..." philip sedgwick, (site accessed Jan 2009)

What to do in case of 2012   " ... Expectating that there is something to fear just about to happen is not a step in a direction that will serve you. This expectation prevails on Earth at present, and is rooted in an old collective trauma from thousands of years ago that we dredge up and reinforce in our media, all media, daily ... It’s no coincidence that Pluto entered Capricorn just a few years from the end of the Mayan Calendar. Pluto in Saturn’s sign requires that we find out who’s really in charge of our government, our economy, our individual lives. Aren’t you finding the answer to the question of who’s caring for you is increasingly and clearly a big resounding “YOU”? ..." (site accessed Oct 2008)

Saturn in Scorpio   " ....The current “difficulties” are preparing us for what is ahead, four years from now. We are NOT having a “Great Depression,” yet, but if we do not make major changes to conserve and manage resources better, we might encounter such problems by 2012. The current “financial woes” are a wake up call." (site accessed Oct 2008)

Astrological chart set for the White House, Washington DC on 21 Dec 2012   " ... You see my usual chicken-scratch notes on the chart with a YOD pattern (’Finger of God’ indicating a crisis, or a special task or purpose) marked in pink with Rx Jupiter 8Gem54 as apex planet being “pointed to” by a sextile between Saturn 8Sco40 (conj US natal ASC, the Scorpio rising version) and Pluto 8Cap57. There is a fated flavor here with all three planets being in the same ‘8th’ degree, and of course a YOD in itself may be considered fated or karmic as well ... " (site accessed Aug 2008)

2012, The Galactic Centre and the Astrology   " ... I would just like to point out that by some 'coincidence' the planet that astrology believes corresponds to Space and to large scale occurrences and religious and spiritual awakening, Jupiter, makes no less than four major conjunctions, between now and 2012. All of them in angularity to the Galactic Centre at 26/27 Sagittarius and three of them start new cycles of Jupiter for the first time in approx 13 years. (Jupiter is also the planet highlighted planet in a Yod at 11.11 on 21 Dec 2012)..." collaboratingwithfate.blogspot. com (site accessed May 2007)

The Coming Cardinal Squares and Crosses of Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013   "Maximum hot zones begin Summer 2011 when Uranus closely squares Pluto, finally becoming exact in a series of hard aspects lasting from the Summer of 2012 through early 2016. In June 2012 we have a Jupiter square Neptune in early Mutable with Uranus square Pluto at 9 Cardinal, culminating in a Grand Water Trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in early Pisces .... Being the midpoint of the "Winter of the 21st Century," we will all pass the fail-safe point and begin the work of reconstruction for the world we will live in for the rest of the 21st Century. We have more power to participate in future creations on all levels than we suspect." Robert Wilkinson, (site accessed November 2006)

Astrology Weekly: The Transition to the New Energy of 2012
"The astrological chart for that Day (Dec 21st, 2012) is helping the
understanding. There is this very special configuration called Yod, the Finger
of God, formed of Pluto in Capricorn supported by Saturn by applying sextile
from Scorpio (mutual reception), while both in applying quincunx/inconjunction
with Jupiter in Gemini on Aldebaran (=new cycle start). The Finger of God is pointing to the New Energy (Jupiter on Aldebaran) to which we should adjust (quincunxes) by then." Astrological chart for Dec 21st 2012 and also commentary on Sabian symbols for that day. (site accessed Feb 2006)